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powerrodsmike 11-26-2008 08:48 PM

New toy for mikey
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I lucked into a deal I couldn't pass up, a new lathe to replace my tired 1959 Sheldon..Traded a guy about 2 days worth of work for an Italian made Graziano 14x40 lathe, geared head, stronger than dirt, not worn hardly at all. It's a sweetheart of a lathe. It's got a way cool double way bed that will allow me to turn a piece 19" in diameter X 10 long, if I get a faceplate...Came with 2 chucks and a quick change that matches my existing tooling. Cuts metric, fractional and whitworth threads for when I work on old english stuff..

The guy I got it from was not desperate, he upgraded to a newer lathe and wanted it out of his shop.

I was so excited I had to share. :D

Anyone know about this type of lathe?

Later, mikey

302 Z28 11-26-2008 08:54 PM

It's Italian, it has to be good.


oldred 11-26-2008 09:23 PM

Way to go! :thumbup:

My 16" Summit is well used and getting kind of loose now so I have my eye on a new Birmingham 14x40. :) The Birmingham is an Asian import but it is from Taiwan and not China. I have looked for a while now for some good used American or European iron but no luck, either worn as much or more than my Summit and/or overpriced. Wish I could find a deal like you got!

weirdbeard 11-26-2008 10:29 PM

Oh man that is a beauty! :thumbup:

Can I have your old one? :D

TRAILERKING 11-26-2008 10:35 PM

I have a TOS SN-50 20" x 80" and a BINNS & BERRY 28" x 168" with two gaps allowing for a swing of 42"
Hope you have fun fabricating things on your new lathe Mikey.

powerrodsmike 11-27-2008 12:05 AM


Originally Posted by oldred
Way to go! :thumbup:

My 16" Summit is well used and getting kind of loose now so I have my eye on a new Birmingham 14x40. :) The Birmingham is an Asian import but it is from Taiwan and not China. I have looked for a while now for some good used American or European iron but no luck, either worn as much or more than my Summit and/or overpriced. Wish I could find a deal like you got!

I kept looking, and couldn't find anything that I could afford, or was cheap, but not as good as the lathe I already had. I quit looking for a while and I was in the right spot, at the right time.
A friend of mine used to buy old worn out lathes, mills and machine tools, and would replace the bearings, and grind and scrape the ways to get things tight again, then sell them. He didn't make alot, but he liked playing with the old machinery.I know people restore machine tools, the same as people restore cars. The cool thing is that many times, the bearings, leadscrews, seals and shafts are off the shelf items, sometimes that can bring a tool back into useable condition.

I had a 1922 Lodge and Shipley 14" x 60". I rescued it from the scrapyard. What a learning experience...It was all worn out with ways so bad that you could see the sag, all the lead screws, split nuts and headstock bearings were trash,, not to mention the gearbox was missing a bunch of gears...When I found out that I could buy 2 good lathes for what it would cost to rehab that one, I gave it back to the scrapyard..

Weirdbeard, As much as I'd like to give you my old Sheldon, I'm going to keep it, as I can set it up with the collet closer I have and use it for small production parts. By the time it got shipped to the land of Gump, you could buy one for less than the shipping.

Trailerking, I knew you had bigger tools than me... :D 28x168!

What do you make with that?

Later, mikey

cboy 11-27-2008 06:57 AM

Now you can make me that Spezangly Thruster you've been promising me.

oldred 11-27-2008 09:12 AM

Some of the Asian imports can be a real bargain but they most times will need some serious "tweaking" to get everything tight and trued up. Almost all of them can benefit greatly from replacing the cheap soft fasteners (anything with threads) with a better grade, once these small mods are made they can be very accurate and dependable and will be just fine for all but industrial duty. Almost all the brands and models available are the same machines with different names and prices so if anyone is considering one of these things shop around. An example is the very popular 9x20 that is sold as a Jet, Enco, Grizzly, and several other brand names even Harbor Freight. Pricing for this thing varies greatly from about $699 at HF to over $1400 for the Jet at some places and this is for the EXACT same machine except for name and color, the HF version even comes with more accessories than the Jet! I have the Jet version and I can attest to the fact is no better built than the HF version, just higher priced! The same thing is true for most of the larger machines but some of the more expensive brands do come with better electrics and motors however most everything else is pretty much the same. I have a buddy who owns a bunch of HF equipment, welders and such, and he bought a 12x36 lathe from them that being on sale and with one of their 15% coupons cost him less than $1600. After the "tweaking" mentioned earlier that thing works as good as machines costing a heck of a lot more than that, surprisingly smooth and quiet. Now before you machinists out there get out the tar and feathers let me point out that I am not saying these things are nearly as good as the old American machines, just that they can be just the thing for the home machinist/hobbyist that is not trying to make a living running them everyday. The fact is that for the price they are, for the most part, decent machines that will let the owner spend time making chips instead of rebuilding an old lathe. A good solid American or European lathe at an affordable price should of course be the first choice but good luck finding one! I keep hearing about all the deals available in the newspaper ads and Craigslist but around here at least these have about dried up.

leldai73 11-27-2008 09:19 AM ....good web site with a few pictures and descriptions of the different models. thats a nice looking lathe, and the double way concept is very clever, I've never seen any thing like it. If your not already on it theres a message board, , full of guys that have forgotten more than i'll ever know about machining and the associated tools. I like the quick change tool post, I've been looking for one for my lathe, but I don't want the china version and i don't want to pay for the Aloris...must be gold plated...I keep hoping i'll run across one at a swap meet.

OneMoreTime 11-27-2008 12:23 PM

See Christmas comes when it is intended to...good find.. :drool:


grouch 11-27-2008 11:30 PM

Ha! How you gonna turn a decent sized turret on that little thing? Sure, you can make a fair barrel of a caliper that won't shame you, but it's not much good if you can't rotate it independently of the vehicle.

Best to let me send you a book or two of stamps and you mail that toy to me for testing and proper trial.

Congrats on your find! I'm guessing from the picture that you won't have to add weight to it for stability. It looks capable.

leldai73 11-28-2008 04:08 AM

what kind of run out did you find in the three jaw? I assume thats what the indicator is about. It's worth getting a few different sized pins and checking the chuck at a few different spots to account for uneven wear in the scroll.

Crosley 11-29-2008 07:34 AM

Those old lathes are heavy and tough... tons of adjustments on them to tighten them up.

If the Jaws are decent shape ... a good grinding to straighten them up will do wonders.

I've got a 1985 Enco unit that does most of what I need here at the house. The power feed gears wore out 10 years ago , I could not find replacements.

NEW INTERIORS 11-29-2008 08:58 AM

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Originally Posted by Crosley

I've got a 1985 Enco unit that does most of what I need here at the house. The power feed gears wore out 10 years ago , I could not find replacements.

I also have a Enco lathe,Boy I don't know how I built car's with out it for so long!!!! That lathe helped me out alot lately ... :D Did you check with Enco for your parts... :confused: I don't think the mill head that was with my lathe,Was part of my lathe because it has Emco on it.Plus it was not working when I got it.I would like to get me a bigger mill later.Picked up this lathe with the cabinet,And three chucks,And alot of tools to go with it for $1500.00

oldred 11-29-2008 09:30 AM


Originally Posted by NEW INTERIORS
I :D Did you check with Enco for your parts... :confused:

Good luck getting parts from Enco, even if they have parts for a model that old they would charge the proverbial "Arm and Leg"! Unless those gears just happen to be the same as a later model it is unlikely they would have them and that is one of the big problems with these Chinese imports, replacement parts in a lot of cases are simply non-existent. The newer models are usually not too hard to get parts for but they are usually quite costly ($54 for a very small PLASTIC gear for my Jet that I am sure cost only a few cents to make) so I just made the darn thing. Another thing to remember is that different brands will sometimes be the same so if you know for sure which model you have compared to another brand then quite often parts will, for instance, interchange between Enco, Grizzly or even Harbor Freight machines.

BTW, Those Harbor Freight machines are not as bad quality as their usual tools and come from the same factories as the other makes so they usually are no worse quality than the others. There is a Yahoo group dedicated to these China import lathes and those guys like the HF machines as good as the others and pretty much agree there is little to no difference in quality. As far as comparing the imports to something like Mikey bought, well that would simply not be fair because these things (the imports) don't even belong in the same discussion as that one or the old American iron. While they can do a really good job for a surprisingly cheap price and are dependable enough in a home shop they would wear out fairly quickly under the demands of full time duty.

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