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first I gotta say I'm originaly from saratoga springs,NY and still have family there.This might be the wrong place for this and be conciderd off topic but I'll give ita shot.....I gotta assume you know a little and everything I tell you will be for people just like you.usualy I treat and etch the metal then epoxy prime THEN bodywork but I've done some experiments and know the best way first hand,BUT the only differance is in the jobs longevity so the differances of priming first etching are very minor and ALL procedures work.even 2k primer sticks to unetched metal very well,not that I'd do it but if you did its not that big a deal for you the job will still get done and look good for a few years then you'll find something else and sell it so getting the best materials and useing the best procedures will only cost more and take you more time but since your not a pro the out come will be the same...,Ok? since your there I'll start from there the easiest way to do this is break that big a zz job down to bite size pieces...stand at the drivers headlite you need a system ..walk down the driver side to your first bondo start here and walk around the truck till you end up in the same spot again...start with polyester finishing putty its like a thin soupy bondo..I like ez sand by evercoat it sands ez and dont clog the paper.. use it for 36-40 & 80 grit scratches use it just like bondo but just a thin coat,cover the whole spot over lapping two or three inches.go down to the next spot,etc ,till you end up back at the lite,again..get a can of semi or flat black spray paint (the cheap stuff)lightly mist a fog coat over the putty(this also works for the bondo)block it lightly with 80 to knock down the high spots till its flat and all the black is sanded off we call this a guide coat it lets you use your eyes to sand since rubbing your hands over it will mostly confuse you but I do this because it makes it faster...then sand everything with 180 da then resand the metal to shine it up .80 is faster..then I 180 the metal but 80 is good enough,the epoxy will easily fill 80 since I've filled 36 grit scratches with it in one of my experiments I can only recomend SPI because its the best (but very inexpencive)the other epoxies I used dont even come close,so if you use something else I dont know if this will work.and the epoxy does stick to bare unetched metal well enough to not worry about adheation. spray a couple very wet coats and let it sit 24 can leave it just like that or sand it down again with 180 da and reshoot two or three more coats for a real nice'll take time to cure completely but its no concern, its done.Now...if I missed anything or if anyone wants to know why I told you to do something a certain way do speak up, a discussion is good it'll help clairify some foggy points.pros,your input will help too, I dont know ALL the tricks and I can learn something too,plus it'll give my finger a rest. At first I thought this might be off topic but it might be spot on for an example of what we all want to accomplish (a love of the work) I can post some pics if it'll help

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