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Newbie follies (part 2) - please help me learn from my mistakes

Okay – so now the project is “sprayed” and it’s been about 4 days since the clear was shot. I got much better results (thanks to your input Ray). That said, I still had some issues and of course that raised more questions!

Rather than throw a whole bunch of questions out there at one time maybe I’ll start with one mini topic at a time so we can hash it out and move on to the next. In brief there are two main topics. They may of course be related in some ways or not. Dust removal, sag removal, and general clear coat optimization after spraying. Then gun set-up gun problems, spray technique and of course the possible causes of orange peel.

First question(s): just so I can clarify. I shot some 12x16 inch panels and these will be stored for future use. What time constraints do I have with regards to the clear coat “curing”? Specifically, can I stack these on top of another within 48-72 hours or is there a time period where they need to have an air-space to cure? Also related, is there a time period where I need to address the flaws in the clear coat or can I get to it “sometime” down the road? Messing with the clear coat will probably be done on the first engine cover (the side that didn’t get messed up) and it is at about 7 days now (it'll make a good practice piece for wet sanding or buffing).

Maybe based on your (clear coat time frame) answer we’ll have to get back to the clear coat repair topic first. However, what bothers me is the way the clear laid down but I’ll get back to that. I want to talk about that horizontal spray test pattern. It seems to me the right side was a little light. Maybe I am over reading this. Is this normal (see spray patterns below)? If not, what would cause it, how can I fix it, and is there a way to test it without having to setup my spray booth, don respirators, and then mix and spray the same paint again?

Clear test pattern

Silver: top fluid held back. It made the fan smaller and clumped it up in the middle. So I opened up the fluid and tweaked best I could.

Misc other patterns: I sprayed black first so it had the most tests. I hoped for the black and silver it would be the same but one was metallic and the other not so it did change things.

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