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42CHEVCOUPE 01-02-2008 08:02 PM

NEWBIES 1st POST 72 chevelle spindles MII
Hello everyone this is my first post on the board I'm building a 42 chev coupe mII front suspension 10 bolt rear I've got a 5.3 out of a 02 silverado for a motor plan on running the edelbrock intake / carb with msd box to fire
the coils, 700r4 trans the body is rough and will need extensive sheetmetal replacement however right now
I'm focusing on the chassis I was able to pick up a new frame at a swap meet with the mustang ii crossmember tacked in I plan on leaving it tacked in and mocking up and making sure axle centerline is correct I'm on a low budget saying that I should'nt be building a hot rod right
anyways enough on the intro

My question is in my research I've been doing I see everyone has been using chevelle calipers and rotors for the 11 inch brake kits and a light bulb came on a guy at work was trying to get rid of a set of 2inch drop spindles
with new rotors calipers and pads off a 72 chevelle I picked up the whole
setup for $50 the spindles are front steer and a one piece
design caliper brkt is part of the spindle now will these spindles work with my mii setup I have a set of mII
stock control arms and the top ball joint stud is too big and the lower ball joint stud is too small can I use these spindles and use different ball joints thanks in advance

lumberjacknooj 01-03-2008 03:24 AM

Hey 42CHEVCOUPE- Welcome to the forum :welcome:

Perhaps you could find a catalog that lists the specs for different ball joints, and find the ones that match the fit for your chevelle spindles and mustang II control arms.

Maybe the upper control arm could be drilled to fit the larger stud... I don't know if that would cause any structural concerns for that arm though.

Good luck! Lot's of great people and info here- make sure to give the search feature a try. And throw a little punctuation in your posts to help out the guys reading it :thumbup:


joe_padavano 01-03-2008 11:24 AM

There are a lot of factors that must be considered in a spindle swap. Ball joint stud diameter and taper is one, and it is a MAJOR safety consideration. The ball joint stud MUST match the spindle. It is possible to assemble mismatched parts and end up with an unsafe situation, so the fact that they bolt together is not enough. Mismatched ball joints and spindle can lead to a broken front suspension at speed. See the related thread on this site. Note that Speedway Motors sells tapered reamers that will allow you to machine the spindle holes to match the ball joints.

Spindle height is a concern. Changing the height changes the roll center. Sometimes this is a good thing (like the B-body spindle swap onto A-body cars) but sometimes it is not. You need to understand the impact.

Finally, steering arm location is an issue. The good news is that the 64-72 A-body spindles have bolt-on steering arms, so you could make or adapt new ones to work with your steering system.

42CHEVCOUPE 01-04-2008 07:49 PM

Well, I've searched the web high and low does not look to
promising. I went out in the garage tonight and took the rotors and calipers off the spindles tonight seeing I have a friend who wants him for his Goat. The whole reason I bought this setup was for the rotors and loaded calipers, here to find out there only 10.5" rotors and the calipers look like s10's. Should I ebay the rotors and loaded calipers or is there still hope to adapt these to MII spindles. Which brings up another question how do you know other than trial and error if you're going to need drop spindles??? Is there one aftermarket spindle better than the other??? thanks in advance Ryan

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