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Topic Review (Newest First)
05-25-2013 05:06 PM
jmclefty Been a hot rodder since I was a kid. Never built a stock model always modified it as a hotrod or custom. hotrodding is an attitude but also a feeling you get when admiring your handywork or someone elses.
05-24-2013 07:35 AM
Dan C. Chaidez Hey guys, thank you to all the comments to my initial posting (Landshark928) "According to my knowledge" As I said, a Hot Rod was a junker which was pulled out of the pile based on an specific appreciated potential quality either the low price, nice body, sound structure, a good motor and tranny, 2 for the price of one, etc. But we were making these (None compliance = hot rods) not complying in any way to safety standards, engineered structures, tolerances or gauged limits or capacities. Those could look very uniquely odd but would have tons of power or the other-way-around. Great looks and suave ride just for easy cruising... Those were HOT RODS indeed! FLIPPED COINS, CAR CATCHERS. main characteristic was:Amazing creativity and significant results despite the lack of money and true mechanical knowledge education!

Off course, now days I pull a wad of money and build one out of the shelf with create engines supt up to the max, order a frame, corvette or viper transmission custom RR axle-gear-ratio (all engineered by a computerized wizard) Where is the HOT= risky iron-ROD in IT? That is a super-nice Custom made by a well to do narcissist ... Those cars were painted with hand pumped Flit Spraying pumps and the enamel from the local hardware store! The welding? ...It did look like a burnt breaded fried chicken! or a Turkey comb. There was no BONDO available. You either were good at welding and lead or you will try to hide it with some home made putty and paint if you could not grind the hell out of it...

For what ever is worth to you guys. In the best of spirits with best regards, Dan C.
05-23-2013 11:08 AM
cal1320 I think you actually have to get your hands dirty building or modifying a vehicle to be a hot-rodder. It could be yours or someone else's. A old guy with a traditional rod or a kid trying to make a ratty go cart faster. Doesn't matter. If you have only an appreciation for modified cars, you are a 'car guy' and that's good enough for me. Come and hang out, learn, and do car stuff. Oh, don't forget to teach me something also.
05-23-2013 06:58 AM
Mikes Rocket 88 I like to think it's the passion of old iron that separates a person in the car always get the purists who piss and moan about rat rods or chunk get the 60's guys who scream about a mid seventies car not being a muscle car and then there are the 2 door guys verses 4 door guys....they are all hot rodders IMHO ... and if you bought a car or had one built and take it out to a cruise or race and flog the liven crap out of it and then have it repaired and try to fix it yourself...then your good in my book...if you bought it as a sound investment as the value increases and sell before ever driving the car and can't remember what auction you got it from?...then you are not a hot rodder and should collect something other than cars that I want to buy and flog the liven hell out of
05-22-2013 10:12 PM
Landshark928 I would consider my self a Hot Rodder even though my car is not typical. (If there is such a thing.)

I suffer form HP envy and always want to go faster. I do all my own work and fabrication, learning as I go. I enjoy tinkering as much as driving. I use my "Hotrod" as a jack of all trades. 1/4 mile, Road race, AutoX, Street cruising and now Drifting.

Is it a little German? A little 'Merican? A little Rice? Yes to all, but it and I are hotrodders to the core. With exhaust cut outs open at the Dairy Queen cruise in, we fit in just fine...

05-22-2013 03:02 PM
NEW INTERIORS Let's see....
I think I might be a hotrodder...
05-22-2013 10:56 AM
Valkyrie5.7 Haven't got a chance to read every page but before I could drive my dad always took me to the drags and I watched him and "helped" him work on everything from c60s to Rivieras. I love every second of it, but I don't think I was a "real hotrodder" until my 15 year old self flipped the air cleaner lid on my 84 caprice for the first time and heard the secondaries open on that 140hp beast

Much like Brian says, I think the qualifier is the love and passion. If you go to the Scottsdale Pavilions, you'll see guys there that are "real hotrodders" that have a Ford Ranger, and guys there that aren't that are in a Tri-5 or Bucket. It's the passion that sets them apart.
05-22-2013 10:25 AM
The Bat
correct answers,not really

Are there really any correct answers but for just the guy that asked? And there only correct answers to him anyway. For me,I like any one that also likes cars,ture some more then others,but if they like cars there is some talking ground. I do build from scrach my own cars on very low $,but can indeed see some one who has $, love cars so much he buys them to his liking. I don't care for the new rat rod thing,I'm 70 and was building rods in the mid 50's,so having been a hotrodder for a very long time now,it is sad and sorry to see a young guy say it's "tad" to be rat,but same goes for flat paint as a finish=not tad ether guys,that was primer and was on its way to get a shiny nice paint job/an most good rod got shiny<but you like to copy the lazy bum that never did get his car to the shiny fine,don't call it a finish.
05-22-2013 10:12 AM
Hot Rodders

Would you put Billy Gibons of ZZ Top and Eric Clapton on the snob list They have had many big buck hot rods built ? Big buck builder create our dreams in magazine & TV shows.
Bib buck Hot Rodder add another edge to our great hobby.........
Ya gotta drive 'em
05-22-2013 10:08 AM
Hot Rodder ??

Originally Posted by BillyJoe View Post
If someone only loves hotrods are they a hotrodder? What about if they build one from scratch in their garage, making every makeable piece or adapting from other cars, are they a hotrodder? What about the guy who gives $150,000 to a builder to have one built for them, are they a hotrodder? Are there 'hot rod' snobs like the purists who would look down on you if you did not have a numbers matching 'whatever'? Should a car club member feel any more of a hotrodder if they bought their car in pieces from a mailorder catalog than the guy who buys a hotrod someone else has built? Maybe if you admit you did not build it everytime someone says 'nice car', would that make you redeem yourself in their eyes?
Just wondering.
Billy Joe...I got in to this neat-o hobby in 1953 when I was 12 thanx to Rod & Custom, Hot Rod, etc.
1957, opened my Hot Rod shop on Capitol Hill here in Washington DC at 16. Mergered with the Nationally known The Hot Rod Garage in 2000.
Nothing has changed in the Hot Rod World since I got "grease in my blood".
I enjoy all types of "Hot Rodders".
Keep kroozen, Jim , 410 535 1933
05-22-2013 09:24 AM
Originally Posted by MARTINSR View Post
LOL, sounds like you really have some first hand knowledge on those particular subjects. LOL

Yeah there was a controversy finally the president decided to get someone else to do the newsletter the way "they" wanted tech, plenty of recipes, etc LOL!
05-22-2013 09:08 AM
Dan C. Chaidez
What is a Hotrodder?

According to my knowledge I was 9 years old when helping two of my teenage brothers build a 1930 Chrysler, 46 Ford, 49 Ford etc. these cars came as a result of lack of financial means for buying a new car. so you would have to make with what ever you could get around you at your level of economics, creativity, inventiveness and on the spot skills development...

early 50's. The Mexican Kids from California are the originators and pioneers of Hot Rods. They had no credit, Had no means and needed to create some sort of high school transportation which needed to have a distinctiveness or superiority than the newer cars of the rich kids with recent model-cars... So they will build this " Hot Rods" No real mechanical knowledge but a lot of willingness to mix engine parts to make a none running car into a unique machine in some cases they made a lot of extraordinary performance just like the donkey which played a flute and every one thought the donkey was a prodigy! Soon these kids started to race against the newer cars and betting, and to compete and so-on and so-forth.

Real mechanics started to come to those competitions and started to tinker with these old "Car-catchers" "Carcachas" (The Chicano Term) because seldom, a well-to-do kid would never suspect that an old parts missing-(Fenders, hood, etc)-car could out run their T bird, Corvette, etc. Besides the mechanics started to make money as the kid returned for more power and so on..

I hope you find this interesting,

Dan C. Chaidez
05-22-2013 09:08 AM
MARTINSR LOL, sounds like you really have some first hand knowledge on those particular subjects. LOL

05-22-2013 08:57 AM
hemirr I learned a few things that hotrodders are NOT, during my time of about 5 years editing and distributing the monthly newsletter of a local car club. Hotrodders are NOT people who own their car as one of many toys of all types designed to show their financial success (even though they are probably really showing their high debt ceiling); hotrodders are NOT people who get P.O.'d if you don't include their cooking recipe in the newsletter; hotrodders are NOT those who are obsessed about some facet of old cars, such as the hood ornaments, without bothering about the old cars themselves. And assuredly, hotrodders are NOT those who whine about the space taken up in the newsletter by the monthly tech article.
05-22-2013 08:05 AM
Originally Posted by americanLT1 View Post
Don't know if I'm a hotrodder or just mechanically obsessed. I have had mainly muscle cars most my life and did most the work myself out of necessity. I always wanted to build a car from just a basic body but lacked the skills but decided to try anyway. Eight years into building my rambler and I'm still not finished but I learned a bunch. I have nothing against the guys that pay to have cars built but it is frustrating to see a beautiful custom at a show and the owner can only give you basic info on the build and how much it cost. I think there are a lot of definition levels to hotrodders. I think anyone who modifies their vehicle and is hands on could be considered a hotrodder. I don't personally know anyone like me. I seem to be a bit more anal about trying to do everything myself no matter how long it takes.
I think you hit something, the fact that you have always done it. I am big on this and I don't care so much if the guy built it or bought it (I didn't always feel that way ) but is it in his blood? My friend Steve who is in the wheel chair, I am sorry folks, HE is a "Hot rodder", this stuff is in his blood! He can't do it, but it is in his blood, running through his veins. Me personally, since before I could drive I was hotrodding bikes, and cars and making them better has been my life long work. Heck, I was riding my bike 10 miles from my home to the drag strip and climbing over the fence! Cars have been my life long job not always "Hot rods" but every single day I have ever earned a dollar it was making cars better. I have never driven a late model "car" just a "car" in my life for my daily transportation. The closest I have ever gotten was my SHO and even that is a factory hot rod. I have driven every single day old cars, hotrods, a car that I was putting slicks on and uncapping headers and running it at the drags on the weekend, I was driving every day to work. I was driving my chopped top truck with no windows (other than the windshield) in the rain to work!

Because someone builds a car doesn't even mean it's in his blood! I have seen many cars built by guys who really didn't care much about it, it was something they were trying to prove or some crap like that. One guy pops into my head right now, he is a pro painter and he has built from the frame up a 40's pickup that is VERY rough, there was no passion what so ever in it. He didn't learn anything about these trucks, what is the difference year to year, he didn't put ANY passion into it.
He recently decided to sell the truck because it isn't big enough for his family and bought a very nice mid sixties Rambler American. It needed paint and had a little rust in the quarter. He pulled off SOME of the mouldings, welded in a panel where the rust was and painted the thing, in a few days! In just a few days he had it painted, right over the dents! It is COVERED in small door dings and he painted right over them! This is a guy with ZERO passion, he could build fifty cars and he wouldn't be a "hot rodder" to me.

Then you have the surgeon who fixed my son's leg when he broke his femur last year. He LIT UP when he saw my Street Rodder magazine I was reading in my sons room at the hospital. He LIT UP and started telling me about his truck that be built in med school, polishing the stainless steel in the dental dept! LOLOL, That was the only car he had ever built, that was it, and he was MUCH more of a "Hot rodder" than MANY people who have built many cars, he had true passion thru his veins and you could see that he followed the medical field because of some outward push like from parents. Which made it so clear to me how when he showed me the xrays and explained the procedure he was going to do on my son how it sounded so "mechanical" to me. He talked to me in my language! This guy would have been a HELL of a fabricator if that was the direction he would have went. He was a Hot Rodder thru and thru.

It is a heck of a lot more about what is inside a person than what he has built.

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