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Topic Review (Newest First)
08-07-2009 06:14 AM
deadbodyman growing up in NY,winters were mostly spent finding things to do with ourselves.That soul hunter reminded me of a time when my friends and I "borrowed" Six VW hoods (from the foreign car salvage yard very close by)to go sledding with on the biggest hill around. Nobody ever went there because of all the trees (big pines) and the speed you generated going down it(especially with four or five friends pushing).But I swore there was a safe path and showed everybody where it was.After a lot of convincing talk we all agreed it could be done but nobody wanted to go first.Well it was only right that I volunteered,so I got on that hood and my budds gladly pushed.the snow was deep and fresh so I made it,but didnt go very fast,now everyone was lining up to be next.the next guy went a lot faster because the snow was packed a little,but hit a tree,he hopped off just in time.Now we were ALL having a blast cause everyone knew they were going to crash and each one was hilarious....We spent all day there with only minor injuries until my spectacular wipeout,a couple guys tripped while pushing causing me to spin all the way down,I couldnt jump off because I didnt know what I'd be jumping into so I held tight closing my eyes and saying my prayers when I slammed into the big pine "backwards"...After catching my breath back which seemed like forever,I couldnt move or straighten up so they pulled me home on that same hood delivering me to my mom,it took a week before I could straighten up,and the cops were looking for the hood thieves so finding a bug hood in my front lawn was a sure give away to the ring leader,fortunately the after hearing the story the owner of the junk yard didnt have the heart to press charges,he thought I learned my lesson.....he was wrong....years later,my son broke his leg on that same hill...Where do kids come up with all this stuff? I never said a word....But the nuts dont fall far from the tree...
08-05-2009 09:27 PM
Soul_Hunter wow, thanks dinger.
i tried to word it so the readers could try to imagine themselves' fighting the mosquitoes and sweating from the heat and humidity just trying to get out.
we had a lot of fun with that old beetle, (which is why i used "same beetle, chapter 7.") though some of it we didn't call fun when it was happening.
we probably should have gotten killed more than a few times in that thing, but but by surviving i feel that shows there is a higher power.
in my youth, i did things that i would not even think about trying today,(and i don't want to push my luck with that higher power)
back then i used to tell people that life starts at the edge, come join me.
now i say life may start at the edge, but i've been there and got scared, and im not going back, EVER, LOL.
that running frame sounds like it was some contraption, sounds like it was fun haha.
i think us older guys are lucky, we had access to vehicles that were simple to repair and easy to find parts for that you could sometimes pay for just by picking up coke bottles for a few hours.
there are so many times i wish there had been camcorders back then.
08-05-2009 09:38 AM
dinger Soul Hunter, these should be in a book of short stories, you have a way with words, I can almost see the picture in my mind...hilarious. I think the reason I connect with your stories is that we had a vehicle, old chevy, just a frame, running gear and a couple of VW seats bolted down to the frame. we used to climb Poplar trees with it. Then the Buick convertible my old body shop owner owned, my buddy and I mounted a siren on it, scared the bejesus out of a few folks, had to hide it in the woods for a cooling off period, the sheriffs were hunting for it, came to the shop twice looking. Getting passed by a 62 Buick Wildcat at 90 mph with the siren going, top down, bondo and primer all over the body, some folks just didn't see any humor in that.

It's funny how stuff we do as kids are humorous, but adults doing these things would just be dummarses...
08-05-2009 12:52 AM
Soul_Hunter INTERIORS, im glad you brought this topic up in the first place.
there are some good stories in here.
and thinking about it brings back sooo many good memories for me, and a few that weren't so good.

i think i'll share another one.

same beetle, chapter 7.
we were in a different area of the same woods about a year later, so its hot
it had been raining most of the week and the mosquitoes were out in full force, plus they brought friends along too.
we had brought the girlfriends along and let them drive some.
we got there around 4 PM or so trying to avoid some of the heat.
we had been out running the trails for the better part of the evening. it had been going great, we didn't get stuck, break anything or have any flats.
it was getting a little late, close to midnight or so and we figured we should
head home.
there was a pretty steep hill that we had to go up. it started out with about about a 45 degree angle for about 60 feet, then angled up to almost 90 degrees for the last 10 feet or so. you had to really hit it to make over the top, so my lunatic buddy was driving.
we knew that we couldn't make with 4 people in the car, we had already tried it on another trip and got sideways and ended up rolling back down.
the only other way out was pretty long and had some really bad mud holes that we didn't want to risk at night. so he took the girls up one at a time while i waited at the bottom. he made the first 2 trips up just fine.
he came back down and got me, we got almost to the top and lost first gear. the car rolled backwards down the hill. near the bottom was a tree. the dirt was washed out on the uphill side of that tree and the back of the car planted itself in that hole with the top of the car against the tree. the front end of the car was pointed straight up at the sky.
it had to be a sight watching us climb out of the car, nothing to hold on to on a wet muddy hill. we both slid the last few to the bottom of the hill. being so slick and muddy was why i didn't try to walk up it to begin with.
we pulled the cable out from the wench and got the tow strap out and tied it off to a tree at the top. the strap broke before we got much of a pull. we tied it back together and it broke again. now it was too short to reach.

so, me and my girl friend started walking out, it was about about 4 miles
back to the car.
the flash light went dead a few minutes after we started out and of course the spare light bulb was gone. i don't know about you, but i just love walking in the woods at night with no light. did i mention there were snakes in those woods?
there were no chains in my buddy's truck or in my car, so we made the hour
drive home. my girl said we should take my truck back and drive in, but i wasn't about to take my truck in the woods, i swear it would get stuck just by the sight of mud (another story). i put some chains in the car and headed back.
i didn't feel like walking back in carrying 50 feet of chains, so thru the woods
we go, in a Vega station wagon, with the A/C going. we got back to the hill and my buddy and his girl friend were tripping out that i drove my car in, and made it back there.
we managed to get the beetle winched up the hill without any problems, but
now it wouldn't start. fuel from the gas tank had filled the motor up. we didn't have a plug socket or oil.
by this time it was around 10 or 11 in the mourning and it was starting to get
hot. the mosquitoes were really mad we had invaded their territory and were
calling reinforcements in. we were all wishing it would start raining for some relief.
man was i glad i drove my car in there.
on the way to the parts house for a drain pan and oil, we stopped and got some more OFF and some food and drinks.
by the time we got back my buddy had the oil/gas drained, he wasn't the
brightest bulb in the room, and this was before the eco-wackos were running
wild everywhere, so i'll let you figure out where he drained it at.
from all mosquito bites, my buddy and his GF looked they had fell into something and it had chewed them up.
i pulled the plugs and spun the motor over to clear it out. put the plugs back in, oil in, gas in and it fired right off.
on the trip out there wasn't any surprises. but, on the way home, my buddy got pulled over for no tags on the trailer. when they got out of the truck, the cops took one look at him and his girl friend and took pity, they said sorry and let them go.
08-05-2009 12:14 AM
NEW INTERIORS That remind's me of my older brother,He changed the oil in his old fairlane,HE drained the oil,While he was standing there waiting for the oil to drain,One of his friends Drove up and started talking,Well the guy's that was in the other car,Started pumping him up for a race..My so called older brother said,OK !!! let me just put the oil back in..Well he did put it in !!! But it just drained right back out..And he took off.Well let's just say,He didn't get to race.But He sure did get it from our step daddy... My step Daddy didn't like him either.. Well he didn't like anyone.. Mostly me...And he made sure that my brother knew how to change oil after that...LOL
08-04-2009 11:58 PM
Originally Posted by dinger
I'm still trying to figure out what Moontanker put in his Pops' car! Great stuff, laffed my arse off. the mental pic of Soulhunter stuck in the trees and the truck in the dugout, things I wish I would have had the juevos to do....
dinger...I think Moontanker Means he drained the trans, (Thinking it was the motor..) And put the cans of oil in the motor..(I bet the motor had enough oil in it...) There was no fluid left in the trans. That's what I get from it..
08-04-2009 11:11 PM
dinger I'm still trying to figure out what Moontanker put in his Pops' car! Great stuff, laffed my arse off. the mental pic of Soulhunter stuck in the trees and the truck in the dugout, things I wish I would have had the juevos to do....
08-04-2009 06:31 PM
Originally Posted by 58lincoln
Wow. I guess what I said ruined it for everybody

I hope not
08-04-2009 06:28 PM
Originally Posted by 58lincoln
Wow. I guess what I said ruined it for everybody

No I don't think you ruined it..Some people just don't want anyone to know..Thread's like this won't pull everyone,Because there's no one fighting on this one.. Most people like the ''Drama'' here..

And plus...There's a lot of member's here that just don't ''ever'' post on my Thread's.. And they know who they are !!!! And I do too !!!
08-04-2009 06:21 PM
58lincoln Wow. I guess what I said ruined it for everybody
07-14-2009 02:20 PM
58lincoln Ok. Not sure how crazy this is but it was crazy to us...
This one time when I was 16 me and my buddys piled into his Old's 98 and made some probably illigal explosives out of tin foil and The Works, so were driving on some back roads throwing these thngs out the window and watching them explode behind us when we decide to go pick up a friend of mine at his house in the backwoods, well we get there and pull in his driveway and he comes out and we're talking for alittle while untill he said Hey man I think your car's overheating. We look toward the front of the car and see what looks like steam coming out from underneath the hood. We pop the hood and see flames. So we start trying to put them out with a towel because thats all we had. Then since I was wearing a coat they told me to use it. I yelled It's my favorite jacket! And it was, but his car was on fire so I tried using it, but the dam thing caught on fire too then someone went and got a five gallon bucket of water dumped it on the car and the fire went out. We found out that somehow excess oil came out of the filler cap landed on the exhaust manifold and got hot enough to light the plastic engine cover on fire and burn the plug wires. So we're freaking out because we didn't want his dad to find out any of it. Then we remembered there is a junk Chevy Celebrity in his backyard so we went and got the plug wires and oil filler cap put them on, luckily thats all it burned other than the plastic engine cover, drove it home. Parked it around back and since this wasn't my buddys primary car, he didn't say anything. Then two weeks later we traded it to a guy for our band's drums and bass equipment, Long story short..We're still rockin' everyones fine, and the car never did that to the new owner. Now when I wear the jacket I just say it was burned in a car fire... and I ain't never getting rid of it... It's cooler now then ever.LOL.
07-14-2009 12:45 PM
slipping tranny

I was 8 or so when pop told me to change the oil in the packard and as usual I hopped to it without any further direction,my old man figured us kids came fully equiped to know everything.So I drained the oil and filled the engine with the cans he sat along side the car.Its done pop, I told him and later he went smoking down the road.Soon he came back,engine racing and him barely moving.the rest is history and I thought I would be too for a long time after that.Nice packard too.
07-14-2009 06:33 AM
deadbodyman LOL every time a cop past me I'd look in the rearview,if I saw smoke from him locking up the brakes ,I floored it,being from a small town,they just went to my house after I lost them,then there was the dirt bike thing,and the snow mobile thing,and of course the hitch hicking thing too......seems I was always in trouble for sumtin
07-13-2009 10:53 PM
More stupid, than crazy...

9,500rpms in 5th gear, in my '79 RX-7 Widebody that used to be used in the IMSA Racing series, that got converted back to street legality.

I'd guess it to be around 180.

The crazy part was all the tickets that ensued.

Excessive Speeding
Felony Speeding
Reckless Driving
Reckless Endangerment
Illegal Lane Usage
Illegal Lane Change
No Turn Signal
Evasion from Police Officers
Eluding Police Officers
Street Racing
Excessive Display of Power
Illegal Exhaust
Improper Seatbelts (5-point harnesses)
Use of non-DOT approved tires on a public highway (Kumho VictoRacers, which ARE DOT-approved)
Improper Display of Front License Plate
Improper Lighting of Rear License Plate

A REALLY good lawyer, $8,000, and 2 years without a license later....

And all that stuck was excessive speeding.

I'd NEVER even THINK about doing something that stupid again.
07-13-2009 10:14 PM
full mcgillicutty At the end of my senior year, right before going into the Corps. I had the absolutely fantastic idea to run my 63 Chevy step-side around the school's running track and have my friend (partner in crime) run the stop watch to see just how much I could improve.

Now, this was about midnight on a Saturday and I probably would have gotten away with this if I had not said "okay, one last lap and we'll get out of here."

The last lap just HAD to be faster than all the other, I really let it hang out.

Well, I lost control of the truck and went sliding rear first into the baseball dugout.

My Father owned a wrecker service at that time. So, my friend and I hoofed it all the way to my house. Climbed into Dad's wrecker and slowly droving it down the road, hoping not to wake up the old man.

Well, it was not quiet enough, Dad thought someone was stealing is wrecker (technically someone was I guess) so he called the cops.

I'll give you one guess where the cops found the "stolen" wrecker...Yep, about 20 feet from my previous crime. They got me backing through the gates to retrieve my poor old pickup.

Needless to say, no one was extra thrilled with my actions. Fortunately for me, times were different than they are today. This was a small town and almost everyone knew everyone else.

Since I was going into to service, I was cut a TON of slack (judge was a Marine) and a deal was worked out. My Dad's Brother my uncle) was a carpenter and fixed the dug out. I sent him a check every month until it was paid for in full.

I think back to stuff like that and I am amazed at how little thought I gave things before doing them.

I still have that 63 truck by the way.
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