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Topic Review (Newest First)
11-13-2003 03:07 AM
dukin-it-out i didnt think trolls could be so angry... i wonder if he has the whole tie dye color hair like the ugly plastic trolls have...

As for traction problems, im guessing hes using spare tires on his mustang (stock pinto actually)

or maybe hes one of those honda drivers thinking 120hp in a 3000 car is a hotrod?
10-22-2003 04:56 PM
Grow up

So, your not a Troll? I could care less. So, your not a Troll?


Rat Rods Rule!
10-22-2003 02:37 PM
10-22-2003 01:03 PM
2wld4u Alot of people dont know alot of things, If the people who try to help cant see through a little BS and get to the problem they should bother trying, This guy may have heard or may be experiancing traction problems, Mustangs are nose heavy by nature and are light in the rear, so most mustangs, even stock 302's spin easily, and FYI I had a 82 GT with a 302 boss, it wasnt a real Boss and it was a factory 2V, I may just have been a marketing ploy, but in fact it had the Boss sticker on the air cleaner..Im not perfect and so I cant expect everyone else to be either, I come to this place to help and be helped with the problems I encounter with the life of being a hot rodder..I try to treat other members as I would want to be treated, I feel you just cant insult someone because you dont like what they say, I feel embarrased by this, when I first joined this place I got some nasty PM's for posting on different subjects, like Chevy and ford motor questions, I know how to build a ford, and I also build chevy's, and for my knowledge I was labeled a troll, well it really P'oed me and the guy who sent me the PM got an ear full..Live and let live I always say, I wont uphold anything or anyone who doesnt make an effort, this guy has stated he doesnt know and want's to learn, so I feel there is room for some tolerance for honesty... 2wld4u
10-22-2003 09:46 AM
4 Jaw Chuck You should move to Canada Buds, apparently we have many people that share your views here already. Make yourself at home, try Alberta. I know a great guy there who would put ya up for free and give you all the bud you can smoke, you could live in his Mom's basement. Send Dave an e-mail, sounds like you guys have much in common.

Seriously though, I have read all your posts and although I think you are genuine in regards to ownership of the car etc. I do think you are not being quite as honest about other aspects of your profile...such as your age? If you think we will think less of your because you are young and inexperienced you are wrong, we will think less of you if you continue to think you are fooling anyone here.

Come-on man, lighten up and be honest with us, no one can fault you for that. The car needs work obviously and you need help but don't know how to ask for it, posting about problems with traction control when it appears you may never have driven the car regularly is a dead end road that ends with everyone jumping on included.

Your at a crossroads right now, you can join us and have some fun and learn a little about cars or you can continue on this path of petty deceit, I can tell you where that roads ends. Let me give you an idea of what everyone here is thinking, please someone correct me if I am wrong.

Your a young guy with a decent Stang that needs a lot of work, you have managed to take it out on the road a couple of times and are having trouble with the car spinning the tires on take off because you have stuck front brake calipers that are holding the car back, It appears that the car has been sitting for some time from your pics hence the corroded calipers. Someone (the seller) may have told you that the car was equipped with a Boss 302 and you now know that was a lie, I know it hurts...many of us here were taken in much the same way when we were kids. The good news is you got what you paid for, $700 is not out of line for what you got there, absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. The couple dress up items are a nice bonus, the valve covers and carb alone will set you back at least $200 bucks (the carb looks new, did you just buy it?) if you had to buy them. You have no idea of the type of suspension or even where to begin back there, pretending you know is not the way to go about it. Take some time and crawl under the car and have a good look at what you got, I once spent an entire day under my first car (I was 14) just looking at what did what and what it was for. It was time well spent and I was too young to even drive it legally.

Am I that far off? If I am please accept my apologies but this is what you have portrayed to us seasoned veterens through your posts, how do we know?

We were there once, thats how. Take that chip (or should I say boulder) off the old shoulder and come clean, I promise I won't say another word, It's all up to you now.

P.S. please leave the flames for the tailpipes, I've got little left of my eyebrows and would like to keep what I have.
10-22-2003 07:48 AM
Kaylah Kool your jets newbie, and learn like the rest. There are plenty of veterans here that are very helpful. Nothing wrong with a 302 in a 'Stang. You siad you paid 700 bucks for the car, so that was a good deal. You also said you had a C-6 that you helped rebuild or had rebuilt?

Please explain this rear end/rear suspension problem? You are saying it has no leafs or coils, and only shocks? I think there has got to be something other than shocks back there, or your back end would be hitting rock bottom when you hit every little stone in the road. You also said it isn't running right now...please explain how you got from uncontrollable spinning-out to jack stands now...I mean, you aren't doing a good job of filling in the empty spaces.

It would really help if you could post a pic of the rear end from the underside with your camera in focus. Give us a little more to go on, and don't get upset if you get chided.

I just biotched out another guy that came up with an unbelieveable story. We get a lot of "youngsters" here with nothing to do other than start crap amongst us. We are working on filtering out the fools. But the protocol here is the same as it is elsewhere...we show respect when we're new and don't act like we own the place. Nobody owes you any answers...what you get is free, and over time, you'll find, its quite valuable. So like I was saying, unless you are calm and clearly explain yourself, you really don't want us to use "our imaginations" to piece your words together. We all have been stung in the *** by TROLLS lately, and its better that we don't use our imagination.

Take a chill pill...PUULLLLLEASE use spell check...and take your time to be as clear as you can. OK?
10-22-2003 04:24 AM
Originally posted by 4 Jaw Chuck

Well, thats one way to introduce yourself to an internet forum full of your peers...asking for help and advice.

Lets get him drunk!

I'll get the lipstick and nailpolish.

Sorry Bumstab, you have to's pretty funny!

I just had a revelation that will solve your traction problem Weedwizard101.

From your attachment it appears your Boss has the original freon compressor...

Just turn on the A/C inside the car...that'll slow her down some.

Go to the lounge i interduced myself there!!!!
Put it on MAX COOL for best effect.

Dump city, here we come...

Go to the lounge i interduced myself there!!!!

LOL Yup it is funny ...Cause it dont take much to get to me..You all can have all the fun you want guess.It dont look like i have much of a choice...

P.s nothing wrong with bud i just dont hide it like most people..Drink a beer man more people die from that every year than most any other drug..And what about all those kill by drunk drivers.....You guys are something else..You just think its ok to drink cause the goverment says you can..Only reason they say you can cause they make big money on beer!!
10-21-2003 09:03 PM
4 Jaw Chuck

Well, thats one way to introduce yourself to an internet forum full of your peers...asking for help and advice.

Lets get him drunk!

I'll get the lipstick and nailpolish.

Sorry Bumstab, you have to's pretty funny!

I just had a revelation that will solve your traction problem Weedwizard101.

From your attachment it appears your Boss has the original freon compressor...

Just turn on the A/C inside the car...that'll slow her down some.

Put it on MAX COOL for best effect.

Dump city, here we come...
10-21-2003 06:30 PM
Originally posted by Budstang
My car is **** ..But the motor and tranny is good..Its a project car and i hope to be driveing it in 2 weeks..
If you haven't driven it yet; how do you know you have traction problems? Perhaps as someone else posted you still have it on jackstands. Since you don't have any rear suspension except shocks; I'd suggest you leave it on the stands.
10-21-2003 04:17 PM
Originally posted by Gen3_with_455

I once had traction problems with my Camaro -- it's got a 455 Buick motor in it, backed by the Buick THM-400 Transmission... When I let off the gas, the traction problem went away. Maybe your problem is 700+RWHP/700+TQ, while in your power band, like mine? I doubt it though, I think your problem is a lot more simple than that.

You seem ****y and immature, you don't spell check, you are rude; I am new here, I defer to people with more knowledge than I have. I have worked in shops on and off -- mainly so I had a hoist to throw my latest project up on -- and have met "mechanics" like you... You ask the question, and get offended when you are corrected or given an answer you don't like!

In my years as a systems administrator for ISP's hosting forums, I've learned alot about people like you --- you are a troll! The pic you posted SUCKS! you most likely have a V6 mustang, and want to pump up your own ego by bragging about non-existant happenings (rear suspension, that's not actually suspending! Unable to control burnouts, although you admit your motor isn't what you thought). Do everyone a favour and piss off. Please, either leave or shut up and learn...
So iam immature cause i dont use spell check..Sure iam rude and ****tiwhen people Fuc with me..Hey if you want to be that way go ahead...I take up for my self and always will if you dont like go on..You have the same option i have..Piss off and leave the fourm..Who asked your advice anyway..You posted not one word that would help to my cause..I posted a pic of the motor in my car if you dont like it dont look at it..I did that so you would know i wasnt fooling around..If you want to think i have a v6 in there belive it..I really dont care..Ican control burnouts..Its just when shifting into 2 sec gear(AUTOMATIC TRANNY) the right rear side of my car goes down and the tire loses traction.. ..Its not safe..I dont haft to be hotroding for this to happen...LOL Iam no troll come see me..Ill so you a troll..LMAO

My car is **** ..But the motor and tranny is good..Its a project car and i hope to be driveing it in 2 weeks..Anyone else want to get in on it..This is starting to become Fun
10-21-2003 02:44 PM
10-21-2003 02:42 PM
johnsongrass1 Do you think he left the car on the jack stands? That would cause a lot of wheel spin.
10-20-2003 10:24 PM
10-20-2003 09:30 PM
BstMech SEEYA! BYE BYE! Don't let the door knob hit'ya where the good lord split'ya.

Your post sounded more like you were bragging about your car than anything. You failed to show a picture of the part in question (the rear end or lack thereof). Instead you showed us a picture of your "Boss" in an attempt to prove to us how "awesomely powerful" it is and how that must be the problem. You sound like every other kid who says "Yep, it's a four bolt main!", like that means it's totally awesome.

Now, why don't you give us some real info other than "Yep, it's a Boss!" and we can better understand why your experiencing the "traction problems" you're having. Otherwise, all I see is a pretty much stock 302 in a '79 Mustang and I can tell you that it's no drag strip warrior by far. In other words, put up or shut up, but if you wanna get all butt hurt over this and troll out on us then go ahead. Just remember, the ball is in your hands you can either take a little ribbin' and go with the flow, or act like a baby.

I'm no Hotrod hero by any means, but I can sniff out a line of BULL a mile away.

I'm sorry you're so touchy, trust me I won't bother you anymore. I will tell you this though, go back and actually read the posting guidelines, they can help immensely in your case.

Oh yeah, in reference to your little PM to me, there's more than just one like me in this crowd, we all smell a line of bull a mile away.

10-20-2003 09:06 PM
no traction

Take the slicks off and get you some studded snow tires
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