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Thread: My 2nd Close Call - 3rd Time's HOPEFULLY Not A "Charm" Reply to Thread
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12-09-2003 07:11 AM
k2mooch I went for a drive back in High School when my ex and I split up. Had a few tears in my eyes and didn't realize that I was heading for a stopped pickup in the road. I slammed on the brakes and turned the wheel to the right, but if the wheels aren't rolling, you won't change direction. So I skidded into the back of him doing 45.

My close call came years later after when I came up on my friend's bumper and locked them up and turned the wheel again. About 10 feet away from his bumper, I let off the brakes and when the front wheels gripped, it threw me off the road tapping a road sign. . . . . . then I ***** myself.

12-07-2003 11:53 PM
redcamaro4spd I had my first wreck about two weeks ago while I was home from college for thanksgiving break. I was driving out of town on a four lane highway heading south (right side of road). I am in the left lane in my dad's 1991 Mercedes 190e (his baby), I woulda taken my camaro but I didnt feel like getting it warmed up for a short drive to the junkyard. So I am driving along with nobody on my right side in the right lane. And I see this women in a Cadillac, with a clear view, inching forward to come across the median and turn north. I coulda sworn that we made eye contact and she just kept inching forward. So at this point, I decide she is gonna keep being stupid and pull out in front of me so I had already started slowing down some and I slam on the brakes. I end up t- boning her in the left rear door going about 30 mph. I glance off and come to a stop on the shoulder. The airbag did not deploy and luckily everyone involved was wearing a seatbelt and all walked away. I was extremely angry when I climbed through the pass. side door (mine was jammed shut by the left front impact) and just had to be talked down to being calm by the people around me. The first firefighter there was my neighbor and he got me calmed down. So anyway, the car was messed up, suspension and frame on left front pushed back and all front end sheet-metal needs replaced. Her caddy needs a new door, new wheel, and rocker panel pulled and it'll be fine. So the insurance comp. totals the car, prolly due to age, and we'll prollly get decent market value for it. I just wish that people would take their time a little bit more and just pay a little more attention. My wreck wasn't bad, but it coulda been a lot worse.

And after the wreck, I looked thinking that maybe if I coulda held my lane I woulda gotten through, but judging by my skid marks and where they hit her car at, she woulda hit me in the right front and shot me into a guardrail and down a steep bank, so I think I took the best way out.
12-07-2003 11:30 PM
Originally posted by Nos
had a snow storm.. switched lanes.. a car in front of me was changina a flat from hitting the curb.. i saw them not moving.. thats when i hit the breaks.. and then they decide to lock up.. slode at an angle hit the curb at like 10 mph at an angle.. this was in my dads ford f-250 ... i guess its better to hit a curb then a car.. the only damage to the truck was just an off alignment.. and 60 bux later.. its fixed..

i have a ?.. anyone ever hit a parked car?.. or do a hit n run.. i know its not right to hit n run.. but if u have the chance to run.. would ya?

the week that i got my license, i went up to the store to get something and when i was backing out, i turned the wheels all the way to the left before starting to back out. so i'm backing out and i notice the front of the car seems to be moving upwards (i'm looking backwards), so i look forward and i had just given this old POS Volvo a new body line going from the door to the rear fender.
i freak out, and drive like a bat out of hell out of there. long story short, i got caught, talked my way out of it and the guy didn't even make me pay for it, but it did go on my insurance record.

in other news
i had a bad experience almost wreaking my motorcycle.
i was cruising down the street doing 65 in a 35 , and i approach a "just turned green light". i decide to go right though because the right lane was open. right as i get to the intersection, this stupid ***** on a cell phone pulls right out in front of me. so i clamp on to those brakes, locking up both wheels and the rear end starts to come around, so i let off, and then i start getting front wheel wobble. right as i thought that i was dead i finally came to a stop.
the worst thing about the whole ordeal was the wheel wobble. it doesn't matter what you do, until you get under a certain speed, you better hold on or jump off because you can't stop it.
12-07-2003 10:18 PM
firebirdfanatic I remember one day in the 9th grade (yes, learners permit), my mom and I were both sick, but I felt well enough to go to school. As I was backing out I lightly (yeah right) bumped a car parked across the street from our driveway. So I did the crash and dash and thought nothing of it. When I came home, I found out that, while going to the store to get 7-up, my mom did the same thing, only she confessed. I didn't tell her I hit it too untill I was about 24.
12-07-2003 09:58 PM
Nos had a snow storm.. switched lanes.. a car in front of me was changina a flat from hitting the curb.. i saw them not moving.. thats when i hit the breaks.. and then they decide to lock up.. slode at an angle hit the curb at like 10 mph at an angle.. this was in my dads ford f-250 ... i guess its better to hit a curb then a car.. the only damage to the truck was just an off alignment.. and 60 bux later.. its fixed..

i have a ?.. anyone ever hit a parked car?.. or do a hit n run.. i know its not right to hit n run.. but if u have the chance to run.. would ya?

12-07-2003 08:07 PM

I got my license the week after I turned 14.

Restricted to 6AM to 6PM ( by myself) or anytime IF a 21 year old licensed driver was with me.......

Of course that was over 40 years ago

12-07-2003 07:59 PM
Originally posted by nightrain_rod


Geez dude!!You've been through it all!Those Ranger's are nice,ain't they !?

Keep 'em coming !!

I wouldn't say I have been through it all, I just have taught myself quite a few lessons the hard way! I just can't learn.

12-07-2003 07:49 PM
FoxThunder 5.0 man u guys gotta watch out...we cant be losin any of u now!
12-07-2003 07:03 PM
nightrain_rod Moby302;

Sounds pretty rough.I can't believe that you were 22 the first time that you started driving.I couldn't imagine myself waiting that long.Of course,I've always been used to everyone starting to drive at 16 .


Yeah,I know what a Restricted License is.I didn't apply for one of those.I've got a way to and from school,and I don't have a job yet.I'll get my regular license next fall,so it's no biggie.Be careful out there.Nope,those insurance companies don't like wrecks.Of course,they'll take money as long as you'll give it to 'em,but when it comes time for them to pay,they take the cheapest way out that they can.


Geez dude!!You've been through it all!Those Ranger's are nice,ain't they !?

Keep 'em coming !!

12-07-2003 06:20 PM
Malibucdl HHHmmmmm. Where do I start? Well, my fist accident was in my mom's car. I was picking her up from work, and on the way home some old guy ran a stop sign. I lightly T-boned him, wasn't but $1200 in damage, and he paid. You old guys gotta watch those stop signs!! Second was in my Ranger. Took a U-turn wide. As I was getting into the right lane, a Jeep went behind me. I was trying to get into the left lane, as I went for the left lane the Jeep was right there! I planted the front drivers side fender into his passenger doors. Best part was, it was his girlfriends car, she was in the pass. seat, she didn't have insurance. nor did he. Officer ran his license, came back that he had a warrent for his arrest in Fla, he got arrested, she got ticketed. I got a ticket for not yielding to a yellow light. Third was in my Ranger again. Was coming home from the Homer Regional Airport at 2:30 A.M. The road to/from the airport is all S-turns. I was being stupid and speeding. I was doing about 40-45MPH. I was doing it all right too, hitting the apex, accelerating out the turns, perfect shifting too. I came up on the last turn when my passenger (later to also be my flight instructor) said he saw headlights heading our way. As I went to get back onto the right side of the road I hit a huge patch of wet tar (it was also just begining to rain). The truck lost traction and acted as if it were on skates. I went straight off the road, down a small hill, and right into a tree!!! . I centered up on it to, the oval was actually stuck to the tree!!! We pulled it out with my friends 4Runner, pulled the bumper off the tire with a chain and the 4Runner, and I drove it back to the airport where I left it for the night. I went back the next morning and stripped all the busted parts off and threw them in the back. I drove it busted for 2 months, when I "sold" it to the insurance company and got my 2001 Malibu. So far I have only had one fender bender with the Malibu. Nothing serious, just rear ended a F-150 on the interstate. Actually, I just clipped my right fender on the corner of his bumper. Had to put a new fender, headlight bracket and right hand side mirror on. I was quoted by a repair shop at $1306 for them to fix it. I fixed it myself for $400, including paint.

Man, going through all that, I need to learn to drive!!!!

12-07-2003 05:53 PM
Meka Im 15 and have my restricted license which means i can drive to school and work for those of you who don't know what it means. I guess you just get better as you drive. The stupidest thing Ive done is hit the side of my car on a tree in my driveway. Insurance company's don't like when you get in wrecks and they really really don't like teenagers getting in wrecks. Anyways hope you don't have any more close calls.
12-07-2003 04:32 PM
Moby302 Well your signature is still not working, lol. Over here you can only get your license at age 18. I was in the Navy then and never got round to getting a car or anything, then I got married and my husband did not have a license so I kinda never got round to it, could not even drive a car, but I could ride a bike. After he died I used some of the insurance money and bought my first car, finally decided it was time to learn to drive, I was about 22 years old. I had this thing about learning to drive in someone else's car and totalling it, so I waited till I had my own to mess up. Only disastrous thing I can remember from those days is having to go fetch my now husband from town about 500 miles away cos the exhaust fell off his motorbike and the cops impounded it. About 50 miles out of town the exhaust fell off the car, from the manifold, right off, my friend [she was 18 and had her 6 month old baby in the car] and I put it on the bike trailor I was towing and we just carried on driving, my first taste of how real noisy a car can be, needless to say I got arrested when we drove into the town where my husband was. They radioed the police from the town before as we drove thru and there was a road block as we drove in. I have avoided that part of the country ever since. We also managed to total a Laurel 280i on a pass in the pouring rain, never brake on a curve, never brake on a curve in the rain, we landed up balanced in a thorn bush, with about a 300 ft drop just after it, no one stopped for us, except a guy in a petrol tanker who wanted to haul the car up, but we decided to wait for morning for a tow truck.
12-07-2003 04:13 PM
My 2nd Close Call - 3rd Time's HOPEFULLY Not A "Charm"

I have my Learner's Permit and I've been driving for about 3-4 months.Right after I first started driving my Ranger,I took a curve just a little too hard and the truck started fishtailing.I applied the brakes and just kinda went with the swerve.Luckily,she straightened out and everything was good.I think that I was just a little too c0cky on that one,thinking that nothing would happen.But,it did.

Anyway,my 2nd close call happened 1 week ago,last Sunday night.My girlfriend had been at my place all day and we were getting ready to take her home.I had just charged up my battery and I put it on my truck and started it to make sure that it would.Even though it's a Ford,it did start .Anyway,I let it warm up since it was so cold.Then,we took off to take her home.My Ranger is a single cab,so we were kinda crammed in there.It was me driving,my mother in the middle,and my girlfriend on the passenger's side.The reason for that is because my mother's like 5'6" and my girlfriend's like 6'1" and I didn't want her long legs in the way,especically while I'm trying to shift gears.We took the country route to my woman's place and a deer jumped out in front of us.I slammed on the brakes and skidded for about 10 feet or so.Luckily I have rear ABS and we didn't go to swerving.The front wheels locked down though.Anyway,I tapped the deer,but it didn't hurt the truck one bit.There's just a little deer hair on the bumper.

I'm still driving my Ranger,hoping that I don't have a 3rd close call that'll be my last.As a matter of fact,I don't want anymore close calls at all.But none the less,***** happens and it's unavoidable.We can just be as prepared as we can for when it does happen.

I want to hear some of ya'll's close calls.If you have any good stories from your first driving days or whatever..Let's hear 'em!!


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