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Topic Review (Newest First)
02-18-2004 11:47 AM
killerformula He bluepen, the friend I first talked about is in Fort hood, I think he's in the First cav. Interesting coincidence.

Another thing some Americans lose sight of (ahhhem, particularly very LIBERAL Americans) is that no matter how you feel about George bush, our administration, the coming election or the war in general, WE MUST ALWAYS SUPPORT OUR TROOPS. Some people don't seem to get that through their heads, calling them hired killers and saying if we ran this country right, we wouldn't need a military. What a bunch of idealistic, pot-smoking, flaming leftist, bleeding-heart, nonsense-blathering liberal morons. No matter if you're in war or not military is a tough job that doesn't pay a lot. Nobody goes into the military hoping they're going to have to fight. They go in because they're WILLING to do the job that most of us aren't. If these gooey, lovey, liberal scum can't accept that, maybe they should go find another country to live in. Nobody I mean NOBODY wants war. If we could run this country without a military, we would, but that kind of reasoning works about as well as communism. Looks great on paper, but when you try to implement it its perverted by human error, greed and shortcoming's.

Another bunch of crap is when people talk about our defense spending being too much. Soldiers are not well paid. I also don't want to hear about another Rumsfeld mistake on trying to do this war on the cheap. If you make the decision to send hundreds of thousands of troops into Baghdad, do it right. Flood them with supplies, support and whatever they could ever want to get the job done. Those people are out there dying for our cause, how dare we ration our dollars at their expense!

Ok... I think I'd better stop now...sigh

02-18-2004 11:12 AM
Busted Knuckles
Originally posted by k2mooch

If they use terrorism to inflict damage and still remain blameless by trying to hide the identity of the terrorists, why can't we? So what if it's a dirty game, it works!!!!!!!

MoocH [/B]
You make a lot of great points Mooch, but as far as us playing terrorists against terrorists, I'm not so sure. Seems to me the Isrealis and the Palestinians have been playing that one for years, and it ain't gettin no better.
I think we're following the best course possible, which is infiltration, occupation and attempting to "re-educate" them that we're not really the "infidel demons" they've been programed to think we are.

Hey Bluepen. I lived at Ft Hood and Killeen way back around '72-'74. My dad was in the 1st Cav. Is Avenue D still the place the GI's like to hang? I would imagine its changed quite a bit since then.
02-18-2004 10:11 AM
Bluepen I work here at Ft. Hood where the 4th I D and 1st Cav are based and within the next few weeks it will be both very hard and joyful at the same time. Its going to be hard because several very good friends are going to be leaving soon with the 1st Cav. Joyful because during that same time 18 military firefighters that work with us are coming home with the 13th Corps Support Command. We have worked side by side with these guys for several years, living,training, working and just being good friends. We have thought of and prayed for these guys for over a year now. Now I don't want to mess them up because they still have a few weeks left but thankfully none of them have been hurt so far.
We are very proud of our troops here and we wish them all well and gods speed on a safe return.

02-18-2004 09:55 AM
6567GTO My nephew is in Baghdad right now with the 82nd Airborn/Rangers. I fully support their efforts. I've got cousins who share the same views as your old room mates and I no longer talk to them.
02-18-2004 08:43 AM
Originally posted by Dutchman
...All these folks are helping you drive your rod!
Does this mean I can blame them for when something goes wrong with it? Just kidding Dutch, good point

Okay here we go. . . . I personally get scared when i think about how this war is going to end, because I simply think it won't until we commit genocide. Yes I know the solidity of the word and I would only use it if I knew that we are fighting an army that won't give up. They can't give up. Jihad is 'HOLY WAR', you fight to get into the kingdom of Allah, if you give up, you go to hell. Simple as that. How do you tell an entire army of terrorists who just happened to be brainwashed into this religion? (yes, I used the words brainwashed and religion in the same sentance, imagine that)

As far as the Draft goes, I'm a cancer survivor, so personally, I feel like I'm cheated by exemption. I would go if I knew that it would be THE last resort to protect our country. But right now, I don't think the Bush administration has done much else other than drop bombs and cause chaos. There are covert operations that could have been carried out to solve this. Ever see a 007 movie? Ever play Metal Gear Solid? Same principle. If they use terrorism to inflict damage and still remain blameless by trying to hide the identity of the terrorists, why can't we? So what if it's a dirty game, it works!!!!!!! And only at the expense of a few extremely noble lives that are dedicated to the cause. Not husbands, fathers, and friends who were 'chosen' to do the task against their will.

War = Solution that SHOULD be used as a last resort.
Soldier = Pawns in a game diplomats play to get credibility back.
Cost = Human lives + billions in national debt.
Outcome = Impossible for everyone to be happy.

Counter-terrorism = Covert ops to put pressure on a government by remaining an anonymous entity.
Soldier = (checkers) Free willing man against an equal.
Cost = Supplies and intel for one man (or group)
Outcome = Possible diplomatic solutions with less lives lost.

I have 2 friends, one of them I am extremely close to, that are soon to depart over there. I'm not sure of their duties, but I'm sure of their dedication. When they decided to enlist, they knew what they were getting into. Their reasons are different from mine because I had a job, a loving girlfriend, and a future. I'm not saying they didn't, but if they believed they did, I don't think they would have ever have signed up in the first place. The best soldiers go into battle with nothing to lose. Just because they went, they are always winners in my book. Reguarless of the outcome. That is their goal, and I respect that.

02-18-2004 05:48 AM
Busted Knuckles I was born in the Army. My dad went to the Nam twice. Most of him came back (me and Toby Keith have a lot in common). I did four years in the Air Force as a Crewchief on C-141's and C-130's ('77-'81) and saw some ******* I didn't particularly want to see that nobody even knew about. Now I'm a Quality Auditor for the company that builds those C-17 Globemasters. So I've always been very patriotic. I like what we're trying to do for Iraq. But at the same time it really ticks me off that our leadership, both democrats and republicans, are sending people's jobs overseas, all the little freedoms that we take for granted seem to be disappearing, our children are being brainwashed to be politically correct snitches just like Hitlers' youth were, and there's no end in sight. So basically my sense of duty and patriotism and what freedom always meant to me, are being seriously challenged.
02-18-2004 01:53 AM
Dutchman Iraq is only a small portion of what the United States supports in military might. I believe and have read some of the great things we have already done in Iraq. Yes, the press singles out the negative and bloody problems, however, search out the positive stories behind the scenes.

I think every good person should spend a couple years in a military branch. An United States citizen has an obligation for their freedom. I know some of us have already provided our support for the freedom to let others speak their minds and live without tyranny.

Take a look around the world: Newspapers/Military_Bases

All these folks are helping you drive your rod!
02-18-2004 01:45 AM
Woah larry!! Watch out!

Lol, sorry Larry, I think you misunderstood my post. I do NOT want to bring up the truck thread again, lets bury it. What I meant to say was what do you think about the war in general, and what do you think about the people who would skip draft.

02-18-2004 12:17 AM
crazy larry
Re: Friends off to Iraq

Originally posted by killerformula
Well first off, before I say anything else, I just wanted to shout out a quick "I'm sorry" for the last thread I stared about the smoking truck that turned into such a crap-shoot.

What do u all think about that and this war?


like to stay busy do you?

personally, i think anytime you send a young man (or now woman) off to battle, a horrible atrocity is committed. your gonna see and do stuff that NO ONE should ever have to do. now that i'm old enough not to go, but my kids are....... i feel even more so that old men should be sent off to war. not kids. well hell, maybe some peoples kids. war sucks.
i think this war is gonna cost Bush next election.

as for your indian buddies, i agree with you. fn wussies. go back to kashmir.

sorry i missed the smoking thread, i've been out, but i think you shouldn't of narced em off, not till it was like a week or two later, and still running the roads. ***** happens, to all of us. walk a mile in my shoes..... let he who is without sin cast the first stone...... do unto others as you would have them do unto you..... etc etc etc......
well you asked.......
02-17-2004 11:13 PM
Friends off to Iraq

Well first off, before I say anything else, I just wanted to shout out a quick "I'm sorry" for the last thread I stared about the smoking truck that turned into such a crap-shoot. I said some stuff that wasn't needed on this site.

That said... I'm a little down this week because three of my friends are going off to war. One of them just got married, one of them is going to miss his marriage (has to do it quick, justice of the peace style) and the third is a 2nd lt. just out of college. Anyway, I spent the weekend back home meeting one of them for his last visit home for two years. Its basically the last time I'll see "him" because when he comes back I'm sure he'll be nothing the same. He's running fire support for the ambulance there in one of the bad parts of Baghdad. That means anytime crap hits the fan, he's got to rush out there, clean up the attackers, load the wounded into the ambulance, and evacuate. Most of the guys doing his job now have some pretty bad combat shock. I'm proud of him though, and if my country called me up, I'd strap on the rifle and do what I had to do... which brings me to my next point...

I was talking to some of my old room-mates (who happened to be Indian in descent) and asked them what would happen if bush started a draft. They just told me "dude, this war is BS, I would strait-up roll over to Canada." There were quite a few of them and their friends (not all Indian btw) who said the same thing. I could not have been more pissed off. Especially since they were second generation here in the US. I mean, you come here, go to the university, enjoy the life in the united states, use all the benefits and pleasures that this country provides, then when its your time to do your service YOU GET UP AND RUN AWAY?!?!?!? WTF!!!! The reason I mentioned they were Indian is that they are new citizens in their family. Their family obviously came here because it was a good opportunity. So they think its great to be here, go to the best schools in the world, enjoy the best economy in the world, enjoy our freedom, but not deliver when we need them. I seriously wanted to knock that dude's block off... Sigh.

What do u all think about that and this war?


By the way, I get the feeling somebody who's a bit older is going to start preaching to me about the vietnam war and how that was a real war and this one isn't and that I should be grateful that we're not in that war and that my friends aren't going there. I don't want to hear it. I have nothing but respect for all the people who served in that war, I don't pretend to know what it was like and I'm not comparing the two. So let me pre-empt that before somebody calls me too young to talk about this.

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