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01-28-2005 08:05 PM
Gearhead forever I've known a few cops as well. Most of them are average joes....just a job. If You asked them about somthing you saw going on in town the other day you may get " I dunno it wasnt my shift" Its just a job. People also have to put themselves in their shoes. Peoples excuses, accident carnage, drunken a-wipes, lowlifes of all types, wife beaters and dealing with victims of crimes daily? You can have that job.....I wouldn't want it. If your the guy who makes his job easier by showing a little respect.....imagine how far that goes.
I like to treat those in a way I wish to be treated myself.
01-28-2005 03:17 PM
cops are just people in disguise...........

For years I rode with the Sheriffs dept as an Auxiliary Deputy Sheriff in Elyria Ohio....some cops are just dicks to say the least....some are just doing a job and others are regular guys for the most part...the regular guy out number the dicks and the just a job guys. The attitude some cops have is a problem...file a complaint if your wronged they will pay for their arrogance and attitude. There are citizens and A-holes and the cops with the attitude treat everybody like an A-hole.


Rat Rods Rule!
01-28-2005 12:45 PM
ha ha, yeah right Rcastle, you started bawling and the cop said "oh geez, I can't stand seeing a grown man cry, just get going and keep your foot out of it from now on."

How did you do that??????
01-28-2005 12:02 PM
crazygutgut I have had my fair share of "nice cops" and my fair share of "dick cops"....

I have been pulled over for speeding 3 times in the last 10 years. Once I was let off with a warning, once I got a fix-it for a cracked windshield, and once I got a fix it for not having my license (it had been stolen). Attitude towrads the cop helps, Yes Sirs, No Sirs, Stay in the car. I also think you car plays a part, ( me I tend to drive 4 door grocery getters! now).

There was however a time in my life where I was frequently "hassled" by cops. I was in a band called "SLAVE PIG" and our "logo" was a dead pig. and I had it spray painted all over my car. Boy the cops loved that!! While I was driving that car I was pulled over at least 7 times and just hassled, never tickted. I alwasy had to "explain" the name. I had to sit in the back of the cruiser while they ran my name. Yeah I looked a "guy" they were looking for. I got pulled over during the "month" my reg expired, cause the cop wanted to see what "day" it expired.. also during this time I had a Mohawlk or a shaved head... Yeah I had a bad attitude after it started happening alot. Yeah I was argumentative, because I was always being pulled over for BS reasons... I was almost alwasy searched, the car was searched, frequently accused of being a criminal. All because I was a musician.

Yeah I stood out, doesnt mean I was a criminal... Yeah I had had bad attitude, because of them!

So I cant say I "like" cops. I have a bad feeling based on my experiences, and while all of the last ones have been good, I think when it comes down to it, it depends on the cop. Will I get a cop "just doing his job" or will I get a cop with a beef against guys in Black hondas? never know...
01-28-2005 11:00 AM
killerformula ha ha, yeah right Rcastle, you started bawling and the cop said "oh geez, I can't stand seeing a grown man cry, just get going and keep your foot out of it from now on."


01-28-2005 10:25 AM
53LEDSLED i have had VERY good luck with the police. i was pulled over going 115 on my moms intrepid and got a warning, at least 125 on my contour svt (expired registrations too) and got a 5 over, and the worst was speeding through the train tracks to pass the train, with no seat belt or my drivers license, he gave me a seat belt ticket. its because of all this that i never complain about cops
01-28-2005 07:21 AM
MI2600 Castle,

I think you were the victim of "headlight profiling".
01-28-2005 05:20 AM
oh yea

I have found now that i am a little older and wiser my traffic stops have become almost enjoyable......L.O.L.

Got stopped a few years back for running a red in the city. I was following a guy to his house and he went thru the yellow and as a reaction i went thru also. There was a cop right on the intersection, as i was passing thru i looked up and he was all ready behind me and lit me up.... When he walked up to the window i called him sir and told him exactly what i did wrong. He was very polite to me. I had moved and my address did not match my license. I thought i had a change of address card and i looked in my wallet for it. He noticed my carry permit and stepped back and asked if i had a weapon with me. I informed him i did not and totally understand that is the first thing to tell the cop if you get pulled over... I could not believe it when he returned and said have a nice day be careful next time!!!!! no ticket!!!!

So like you said being respectful really Carry's some weight. I figured he was so glad i wasn't a crack head or a drunk that he would help me out.......

01-28-2005 02:28 AM
Kevin45 I'd a told that cop where to get off the bus at. They have no right pulling over a private citizen for something as stupid as a headlight out. They are just targeting you. Hell do they think you are that dumb to know not know your headlight is out. "You can't see as well for Chris' sakes. Jeuzus let our tax dollars go to something like his wages so he can think he's some kind of idotic car mechanics. Hell they pay the guys at Quick Lube 1/2 of what he makes and they will replace the damn light for you. Who the hell he think he is? Go catch some real criminals and leave us honest hard working guys alone!!!! Man that PO's me!!

Just kiddin RCastle. I would have been the same way. Politeness definately goes far in thoose situations. And you did handle it right to not give him an excuse for anything. The hands on the wheel and reaching with one hand. More people shoud make an officers job easier. Gotta run. Off to work now.

01-28-2005 12:59 AM
RCastle I got that drilled into me at an early age. My Uncle is a retired Sergent on LMPD. Always told me,be polite,keep all your ducks in a row,oh yeah,and do not ever mention my name. Saying you know a cop is not a good start. He helped me out on a few things AFTER the ticket was issued,not as far as getting me off,just in getting it squared away in a quick manner. Always paid my tickets,never asked for any special favors. If I am guilty,then I accept it.I have learned alot over the years about having a car that is capable and attention getting just by starting it up.Plus,I like my insurance rates as low as possible. Another thing to think about,if you drive a company vehicle,your driving records reflect on companies insurance policy even if you are ticketed in your own vehicle on your own time.Insurance companies are looking for ways to make money by jacking up premiums all the time.If I would have got a ticket tonight,I signed a piece of paper when I started my job,that states if I get a ticket,it must be reported within 48 hours. It does not matter if you are convicted or not.
01-28-2005 12:49 AM
Wmarden That is about the best advice, be polite. Being a cop is a tough job. There are two types of stops, felony and unknown risk. There are no routine stops. Stopping a car can be a stressful thing. You never know when it is a meth freak getting ready to snap or some guy on the run from the law.

Granted there can be ******* cops too. Often times it is younger rookies. But if you are polite you are less likely to get a ticket. Officers have alot of discretion on the giving of tickets. At least to a point. DWI is beyond that point and we love taking drunks in. But back to my point we don't want to be *******s, at least most of us, so a little respect will help us all get along better.
01-28-2005 12:35 AM
Got Pulled Over Tonight

The first time in about 8 years I have been pulled over. Was not speeding,saw the cop,check my tach,yep,legal speed.Damn,my car is awful loud with the Flowmasters,hope he is not onto that.
He comes to my window,I have my hands where he can see them,after all,we do not want any excuses right?
"Good evening",nice polite cop
"Can I see your liscense,registration,and proof of insurance?"
I tell him sure,pull out my wallet with one hand still on the wheel in plain sight,Flip it open like a Dragnet Badge holder,ask him to shine the light at my glove box while I get my paperwork and ins. card.
"Sure can" he says
I get my packet of information out and hand it to him,still waiting for why I was pulled over."You have a headlight out,is why I stopped you"
DOH,I know,I reply,tell him that I have the replacement in the bag in my passenger side floorboard.The light was out when I left work lastnight,and I stopped and got one,just did not have the time to throw it in yet,going tomorrow to the garage and throwing it in.
"Stay right there Mr. Castle,I need to run this thru"
You got me by the balls,I am going nowhere.
He came back a few moments later,gave me everything back,told me to get it put in as soon as I can and have a good evening.
No Citation,No warning ticket,No court.
See Guys,A little respect for the men and women patrolling the streets is all you need.It does go a long way.Keep your hands where they can see them,do not get fidgety,that gives em reason to speculate,then they keep their hand on their gun. Talk polietley.Even if you KNOW you did nothing wrong.Getting mad will just get you a ticket,or worse a night at the Crossbar Hotel.Keep all your info in a neat orginized stack,or band them togather,I keep mine in an envelope.Ask them to shine their MagLight in while you open your glove box.That way they can see and so can you.Tell them if you have a concealled carry permit and inform them if you are packing heat.If they get you out for some reason,and you are carrying,they will find the gun BEFORE they find your permit. If you do not have the gun on you,but it is in your glovebox,give them your permit,when you give them your license,because you are getting into the glove box,and they will see your hand gun.

Just a few tips to help a bad situation turn out better for you if it happens.Keep your nose clean and you should be ok.

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