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Topic Review (Newest First)
05-03-2005 02:43 PM
segge Another finger incident, at least this one is legit:finger found
05-03-2005 02:29 PM
Lonestar Everyone is point there finger at the lady and what she did, but what about the reporters? Had they waited until all the facts were in before dragging Wendy's name through the dirt a lot of lost revenue would have been avoided. Maybe they should all be sued also...
04-27-2005 08:09 AM
Mmm Yummy!

Mmm Wendy's chili is finger lickin good!

Sorry guys I just couldn't resist

04-26-2005 04:28 PM
RCastle I am a Cannibal and I take great offense at all this talk of how nasty the human flesh taste is,and how sick one would be if they were to consume it. I am now contacting a law office to see what my compensation should be. If anyone here knows a good attorney who specializes in cannabalistic representation please let me know,as we have none here.I am going to have enough money to finish my car,pay off my house,put my kids through school,although they will learn to sue for your money and not work for it,AND buy me some "food".
04-26-2005 04:04 PM
Originally Posted by Beenaway2long
Perfect example- YOU tripped over an aisle end display that was empty. Isn't it reasonable to expect you to WATCH where YOU walk, or should you be guided by a store employee down each aisle?
I think I was trying to say that. I wasnt hurt. I had a bruised toe for a week. I think thats a "classic" example of an "accident". It was a little me it was a little them. But where does that turn into neglegence? If you had a home Depot shelf collapse on you, and damage your ribs, or break some limbs. would you be happy with a free hammer? No you'd want your medical expense covered. Which is fair. But you probably dont think that "pain and suffering" is worth anything, right?

Now the guy that ate skin, I can sympathize with. Thats just putrid in my mind. That would put me off for a while. But we already know, how I feel about fast food, so it becomes a "thats what you get" type of thing. But if I was at a fancy restraunt and got something nasty in my food, I would be probably be content with a free meal. A finger though...I know its unlikely but that would be traumatizing. When I was a kid (we all did this) I bit into an apple and realized I ate half a bug. I dint eat apples FOR YEARS after that..
I mean a traumatizing event like that can haunt you for a while...Is that not worth something?
04-26-2005 03:47 PM
RCastle Hell,those multi-billion dollar compainies have so many different insurance policies just for those types of incidents,they will write it all off as a buisness expense and still post record profits.
04-26-2005 03:00 PM
Beenaway2long If I saw a finger would I sue? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Would I be sick to my stomache? Maybe !?!

Did it cause me irrepairable damage? NO

What were MY out of pocket expenses as a result? $5.00

Give me a free meal and we're even.
(2 free meals if you want the finger back!)

The dude @ Arby's did what he thought was right. After cutting your hand, you MAY or MAY NOT know what you were working on. Tad stressful, huh? He WAS THE MANAGER! He's the highest trained. The "victim" was nauseous. Big deal.

Disney- unless you want to pay out you *** for everythig in life, there are compromises you make. AS A BUSINESS OWNER- How long do you train someone? C'mon. How long? Until you FEEL they KNOW their job. How do you know FOR SURE? Does your supervisor watch every move you make? Have you ever made a mistake? Ever excercised poor judgement? Ever in an accident?
Perfect example- YOU tripped over an aisle end display that was empty. Isn't it reasonable to expect you to WATCH where YOU walk, or should you be guided by a store employee down each aisle? You want "freedom from the government", but soon, we will be required to have a federal employee walk with us, to keep us out of harms reach.

You can't have your cake and eat it too. The more you ask government to step in (Health insurance, safety issues, etc) the more they intervene in your life. Shhhh Big Brother is watching us....
04-25-2005 03:56 PM
crazygutgut what I pay for INSurance doesnt bug me, same with taxes. its sort of "unseen" in my eyes, and its CERTAINLY not gonna go lower is it? if frivilous lawsuits just ALL OF SUDDEN ended tomorrow, would the INS companies say, oh lets refund all that "extra" money we charge? He££ no. INS companies are just like oil companies. I live LESS than a 100 miles from several HUGE refineries. WHy is it that the BAY AREA pays the most for gas? They alwasy justify that with BS about transporting and whatever, but the fact is, the second we pay, the price is locked.. gas has been over 2$ for a LONG time here, its not going back down. you wanna blame that on criminals who sue 7-11 fine. I do think there are legitimate reasons to sue, and that should not be taken away from us. Corporations do (IMO) have responsibility to keep thier "patrons" safe to a reasonable extent. IF I get shot in 7-11 because of a roberry attempt, thats not 7-11's fault. but if the squishy machine explodes and takes a couple of my fingers, thats 7-11's fault.
04-25-2005 03:28 PM
Ron or Jeff, or anyone for that matter. pretending that the chili finger WAS real, if it had happened to you. what would you have done??

That is just it. It COULD NOT have been real. If you worked in that type of setting,and you lost your finger.Do you really think they would say oh well,keep making the chili? Hell no,with workmans comp,OSHA and the like,the manufacterer would have known to stop production immediatley and find that finger.
On a side note,Wendy's makes the Chili at the restaurant,saw that on 20/20 or something like that. If you only have a handful of employees,sure would not be hard to find "Nubsie"

My criminal lawsuit was just my rant. Of course of stupidity plays a role in a death as at Disney,that is a diferent story,but someone hurt in the act of commiting a crime should not get ****,that means running from the cops and wrecking,to falling off a curb at a 7-Eleven you just robbed. Nothing but a 8X8 will do.

The Wendys lady should be "made an example of also.She has filed several lawsuits over her lifetime. CGG,people like that are what cost your insurance policy to increase,your products that you buy to increase.If you owned a buisness and I sued you falsely and won,you would have to recoup your cost. Now,think about that in the sense that the size of these places are,and the ludicrous amounts of money people who are deadbeats are demanding,AND WINNING.
04-25-2005 03:03 PM
Originally Posted by segge
Well since were on the subject of body parts in fast food look what was on netscape today:
Perfect example.
Is 50k too much? WHat does that guy deserve? Does he deserve anything? WHo does he sue? They guy with the missing skin, for his GROSS neglegence, in not throwing away the lettuce? Or Does he sue arbys, because they have nimrods who dont throw away lettuce that might contain their skin?

what do you say?

I think 50k is fair. I mean how disguisting is knowing that you ate someones skins, not to mention the paranoia you might have eatiing another sandwich, or wonder what disease the employee may have...
04-25-2005 02:24 PM
segge Well since were on the subject of body parts in fast food look what was on netscape today:
04-25-2005 01:55 PM
crazy larry
Originally Posted by crazygutgut
But I certainly would have accepted an apology (an maybe a 50$ GC). but are we not guaranteed a certain amount of saftey when we go out?
first lesson in dealing with a customer injury in the store, DO NOT APOLOGIZE.
that is an admission of responsibility for the customers injury. that's what i was told when i was in retail. in fact, we were told not to even offer to call an ambulance......

the fifty dollar GC would have been seen as hush money.

i could use some hush money.

if i'd have found the finger......

i don't know. i would have most definitely have been eating for free that day.
04-25-2005 01:41 PM
crazygutgut Criminals should lose their right to lawsuits period. If you are a criminal killed during the commiting of a crime, you should thank the Gov. for giving you a state sponsered cremation and a paper bag to keep the remains in.

However, it is not all "criminals" there are regular joes getting hurt everyday. Disney doesnt owe the family of the guy that got killed by the pirate ship ANYTHING? Welcome to the happiest place on earth, sorry you died? THat was a freak accident, the people who got killed were only guilty of "being next". They didnt do anything stupid, it wasnt a "coffe is hot" thing at all. A mistrained employee tried to moor a boat that was going too fast, the bow broke, and killed her, and several people in line. You dont think Disney owes the Victims ANYTHING? What about these people who have gotten hurt at Home Depot, by collapsing shelves. Have you seen what they store up there? Mine stores 50 lbs cement 6 ft off the ground! The store porcelan tile, steel tubs, all that stuff is WAY above 6ft. Is it just my bad luck that an employee caused a shelf to collapse? isnt home depot responsible for proper training?

As for coffee being hot. Yes coffee is hot. Tell me do you like your coffe at 120 or 180? because MCD coffee was found to be 180! Yes I know coffee is hot, but hot is all relative, Can you tell the difference between coffee that will give you 3rd degree burn in 7 seconds or coffee that will give 3rd degree burns in 21 seconds? because that is the difference between coffee that is 180, and coffe that is below 160.

I did have the oppurtunity to "sue" best buy a few months back. I fell over an empty end cap display. Did I sue? no, It could have been my fault it could have been theres. Me personally I wasnt hurt, that bad. But I certainly would have accepted an apology (an maybe a 50$ GC). but are we not guaranteed a certain amount of saftey when we go out? is it too much to assume that a floor is dry? or a giant shelf has been packed right?

Ron or Jeff, or anyone for that matter. pretending that the chili finger WAS real, if it had happened to you. what would you have done??
04-25-2005 01:27 PM
crazy larry at what point in history did the us become a litigious society? it has to have been since maybe WWII or possibly a tad earlier, i don't know, this is where someone chimes in with the data, but. when we allowed people to put the responsibility of our (yours mine his hers) own actions, wth is that about?

but we don't have the right to make a stupid ignorant person be anymore than that. it blows me away, working with juvenile delinquent youths, that there are so many people in this world who are perfectly happy being the way they are. and see nothing wrong with it. what ever happened to morals and decency. when did it become ok to see someone victimized and stand there and look on and do nothing, or worse, join in? and then get off on trial for mob mentality? you stand a better chance of getting out of prison on parole for murder or rape than you do if caught smoking dope.
point in fact, a bud of mine is in huntsville right now, third conviction of possession of marijuana. 18 years before he has possibility of parole.
the bastard who shot and killed my grandfather was paroled in 12.
fwiw, he's not on this earth anymore to cause anymore problems. and that's all i'ma say about that.

where is the sponsitility?
04-25-2005 01:09 PM
Im IT,Im IT....

The best frivoulous lawsuit is one where a drug dealer gets killed in his lifestyle by a Police officer.The "Good Boy who loves his Momma",has never worked a day in his life.Yet he wants to be a Vetranarian,at 22 years of age,if you have NEVER worked a day in your life,you are surely not worth the $250,000 the city has offered for your Pathetic leach like life. Let alone that his family has refused the offer,they want more than $2.5 MILLION,for future earnings.HE WAS A CONVICTED DRUG DEALER!!!!! For Gods sake,they should be happy if his worthless *** got a paupers funeral service at the expense of my tax dollars.

Of course that is going on here.The thug tried to kill the Police,got killed himself.Has been convicted for this type of **** before,and now he is worth $2.5 Mil????? Give me a break!! HE WAS COMPLETELY WORTHLESS!! His entire life was completely worthless. Is there a VALUE on human life??? You bet,but for this guy it would be in the hole,because he never worked to pay taxes on his inbcarcerations,court fees,jail time,3 squares a day and so on. Good Ridiance you damn Leach To Society. I hope the family does not get squat. But Juries look at it with this menatlity that one day they may be able to sue.

Some of the lawsuits on other items are kind of touch and go. The coffee incident.At 81 years of age,you KNOW coffee is served HOT!!! Duh!!!
The Chili Finger??? Come on,that set off Red Flags with me the minute I heard it.If someone lost a finger in the processing,the whole batch would be checked for the finger to reattach it.Really,think about it,if YOU lost a piece of your finger from the knuckle,would you not want it back????
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