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Topic Review (Newest First)
10-06-2008 12:36 PM
powerrodsmike This is a good zombie thread... (some threads can be brought back from the dead and fit right back in with the living)

Techinspector1 and oldguy829...

OUCH! those hurt.

Not nearly as good as those, but one that I just remembered..

One time I couldn't get the glove box door open in my 78 Monte Carlo..(yes I owned a monte once )

So I took the majority of the dashboard apart to get to what I thought was a broken needed oil.


I'll try to remember some more.

One time at Poli-Form I built one of the coupe bodies with hidden hinges instead of the stock ones that the customer ordered.

No big deal , I found it on the day he was supposed to pick up the body. when doing the delivery checklist... .

(hidden or stock hinges take about the same amount of time to install, but they are installed in the body at the 40 hour point in a 130 hour total build time....That was one screwup that did not get undone that day.. )

Later, mikey
10-06-2008 12:10 PM
screw ups

This is my first total paint job, so I'm trying to make every screw up possible. Allowing too much flash time between coats of epoxy, and the tip clogs up and starts spitting everwhere. Not getting the gun reassembled tightly after the last cleaning, so in the middle of spraying the roof an adjuster comes loose and drips paint on the roof. So, finally, spraying clearcoat yesterday, I run cleaner through the gun to keep the nozzle clean for the final coat of clear. Of course the cleaner was not compatible with the clear. What looked like a perfect coat going on, had a thousand little solvent pop pits a half hour later.
This week I get to strip it and start over.
10-05-2008 12:08 AM
techinspector1 Posted this in another thread, but will repeat it here....

Swapped a 302 Ford/C4 into a Mitsubishi pickup. Assembled trans to motor and installed as a unit. Got all hooked up and ready to fire the motor when I looked over at my toolbox shelf and eyeballed the splined driveshaft that goes between the torque converter and the trans pump. DUH!!! No room to pull trans alone, couldn't get to bellhousing bolts. Had to pull the whole shebang from the front.

Last fall, drove my old beater Ford pickup to the dragstrip to tech inspect on Friday night. Quit at 11 PM and turned the key to go home. Slight noise from starter, then...Nothing. Engaged starter switch several more times, Nothing. Checked headlights, yep, so cables and battery are ok. Had my co-workers push start it (5-spd). All it would do is skid the rear tires. Motor locked up. The bearings had been clattering for at least 2 years, so I figured one of them wadded up on the crank. Towed it home and began the tear-down. Got everything off the motor and ready to pull. Went to pull the starter. Didn't want to move. Got out "Dirty Harry", a 3-ft. screwdriver I keep for just such occasions. Pried it out. What had been holding it in was a thrust washer off the starter bendix that had broken in half and lodged itself between the pinion and the ring gear. All I would have to have done is to jiggle the truck BACKWARDS in gear and the washer would have fallen out, freeing up the motor and fixing it with a $20 starter. But NOOOOOOOOO. Not me. I'm not that smart. Awww, what the hey, it needed bearings anyway.
Runs like a top now, a thousand dollars later.
10-04-2008 07:58 PM
carsavvycook OK, You can tell when you have been doing this toooooo long.

On a 1995 Mercury Villager Van, same as a Nissan Quest. It came in for 'groaning' rear brakes.

So I think this will be Easy.

I check the rear brake adjustment, and level sensor, OK.

Front caliper pressures, would not release completely.
So I loosen the 'nuts' holding the master cylinder to the power brake unit.
Pressures dropped. I adjust the push rod, and I'm thinking "job done", NOT Still the "groan".

So I check the brake pedal height. I find it 1" lower than the 'Factory' spec's, and make the adjustment. Job Done Yet? (Chip says no).

The test drive was OK for the first block. It felt like the engine was loosing power. I turn around, and started going back to my shop.

Let me tell you, it was way down on power by the time I got back to the shop. (Chip's saying 'it is going to be a long day you screw-up') (I would much rather have talked to his brother 'LOGin' at this point ) It barely made it back. 2 blocks total?

OK they fought as brothers will do. Chip LOGin , and LOGin knocked some sense into Chip, or me.

I readjusted the master cylinder push rod, and they and their cousin 'groan' left.

I deduce it is most likely Chip yanking the 'crate' out from under my feet.

OK that was just the 2 cold ones that were left(12oz). LOL
10-04-2008 07:45 PM
wretched ratchet Decided to put new whitewalls and steelies on the 55 two years ago and I wanted to go a little larger than what was on there so I measured and ordered them from Coker.

They came mounted and balanced and when I went to put the rear tires on - - - I couldn't raise the body high enuff to get the tire on - - - - soooooooo I disconnected the bottom of the shock and stuck them suckers on and then reconnected the shock - - - they look and ride great.

I know you are probably asking yourself - - "What if he has a flat on the rear?" - - - - funny cause I've said the same thing !
10-04-2008 06:30 PM
old fords lets see
Valve cover leaking on my 69 Ford when I'd park it it looked like it'd blown up. Drove home in a 76 F-100 with the emergency brake on. The radio in my 92 Civic stayed locked on one channel and the volume would not go down so I punched it about 10 times and nearly jerked it out going down the road. When I got home it would work fine. I'm sure the is more, I just can't remember them
10-04-2008 05:57 PM
Originally Posted by Rob Keller
Its your alter ego that pulls on that milk crate 3 ~ 4 times in a row !.

Like taking 4 per cut shots in the gut while all 220 lbs. is on the fender.

And I still use the milk crate.

Well if its not him ....Maybe its one of them people {imaginary} that I'm talking to all the time?

One of my ex bosses comes up on me one day & I'm just ratchet jawing away.
He say 'who the hell are you talking to"?

My Reply;
Do you agree I do more than one persons job around here?

He said yes.

Well that is the Boss telling the worker to get to work , did you come here to work?

He promptly drove away.

R {forman}

R {Go fer}

R {grunt}

I have been asked that question 100's of times. "Who are you talking to?"

My answer, Just Chip sitting on my shoulder.

It is funny to watch the "boss'es" reactions

Most have done an excellent impression of "Dumbo". Some just shake their heads back and forth, like a horses tail swatting flies, as they walk away. LOL
10-04-2008 05:24 PM
Rob Keller Its your alter ego that pulls on that milk crate 3 ~ 4 times in a row !.

Like taking 4 per cut shots in the gut while all 220 lbs. is on the fender.

And I still use the milk crate.

Well if its not him ....Maybe its one of them people {imaginary} that I'm talking to all the time?

One of my ex bosses comes up on me one day & I'm just ratchet jawing away.
He say 'who the hell are you talking to"?

My Reply;
Do you agree I do more than one persons job around here?

He said yes.

Well that is the Boss telling the worker to get to work , did you come here to work?

He promptly drove away.

R {forman}

R {Go fer}

R {grunt}
10-04-2008 05:11 PM
carsavvycook "Brownies are good for a person who works brings out a alter ego who checks your screw ups !" Quote

Bbbuuutttt does it check it before you screw up? LOL

Like the time I was leaning over the grill of a 'jacked up' truck, reinstalling the power steering pump pulley. The 'crate' I was standing on kept sliding back, sending my chest into the radiator support.

Well I proudly, finally get the pulley back on, but the belt did not line up.

Once again I had to retrieve that 'crate', I had kicked away.

This was when I saw the pulley on back-wards.

Isn't it a good idea to replace the pulley anyways, when replacing the pump?

Not that it would have mattered in this case anyways.

That is why I asked that question.

I just noticed there is only a couple cold ones left in the fridge.

I figure after those and a couple more, my memory will get better.

Believe me. There are many more 'screw-up mistakes' I have made over the years.

Some I would like to forget forever, but sharing is just more fun. Don't they say "Talking about it, is better than holding it in", isn't it?
10-04-2008 01:51 PM
Rob Keller Brownies are good for a person who works brings out a alter ego who checks your screw ups !


I swapped out the rear end in mu 85 BURB from a semi Floater to a full floater.

I filled it u[ with gear oil & drove to my Friends shop on the way back I hear this Schrunching noise so I limp home bout mile & half pull sown the right side & theres no oil! I had to use a slide hammer to get the hub off.

I wound up adding a xtra half a quart thru the vent tube!

I almost welded the race to the tube

Also went full synthetic.

10-04-2008 11:47 AM
carsavvycook This is an oldie but goody. I can't resist revisiting this one.

OK here goes.

I used to do a lot of re-ring jobs on Toyota 20R's and 22RE's. One came back to bite me right where my wallet goes. In my haste to finish one up, I had a brain f-rt, and forgot to clean the block out good. Do you know that the honing grit destroy's the cylinder head also?

Another time I put a 302EFI in a Ford Bronco. On it's first swart-up, I am sitting in the drivers seat revving it up, and getting real upset because of NO Oil pressure. I looked at my tool cart, and saw the unopened oil filter box, at the same time a passer-by asked me what the big puddle on the floor was.

Someone else had pulled a 3.1 out of a Buick Regal. It was my job to put it back in. Well I could not get the crank sensor wire any where close to the sensor, sooooo I thunk I'd just splice an extension into the wires. Well it would not run. For 3 days I tried to figure out what was wrong, knowing it was nothing I had done. Come on it was just 2 wires spliced and lengthened, how tough is that? Well I got someone else to come and look at it, and found out, if you cross those 2 stupid wires it won't run.

Do you know those 55 gallon drums full of recycled coolant? If you don't get the hose stuck back in the top of the drum, it will siphon all 55 gallons onto the shop floor.

On a Chevy Blazer, I was looking all under and inside, for a rolling bump sound, every time you hit the gas, or hit the brake. A 6'6" tall guy walks by and asked me if I knew there was 2 tennis balls on the roof. Turns out the guy who owns it, has a dog that likes to chew the knobs on his riding lawn mower. So he cut slots in the tennis balls, to put over the knobs, and forgot where he had put them.

I found out when standing behind a BBC in a drag boat, tailoring a new set of plug wires, it's easy to wire it up in the wrong rotation.

And I don't eat brownies!
10-10-2007 04:44 PM
kenseth17 Craked a 450 corvette windshield back in tech school. Teacher let me know the cost. They ended up having it drilled and filled. Also in school, painting a football helmet for someone in thier school colors. Was starting to get a hanger, so I grabbed the heat lamp, figuring it should help stop it from running down the whole helmet. Went to the bathroom and then got sidetracked doing something else. One of the instructors had moved the heat lamp closer, and when I got back to it it was all warped and lopsided. Other kids seemed to think it was funny.
The two back in tech school days that come to mind had to be most embarrasing, I fortuanately didn't do. I am working on a 68 cougar for one of my dads coworkers, and all of a sudden a these little yellow blobs are falling on the car. I am like what the f is going on here. Look way across shop, one of the students put too much pressure in the undercoating gun, his face and glasses were filled in yellow goo and way up on the ceiling (which was pretty dang high) there is a big glob.

Two older guys in class went in the booth to paint a toyota pickup. One side was all dry sprayed, the other solid runs. They never turned on the booth exhaust and came out looking like smurfs.

Sitting in the mechanics shop for that portion of our studies, an elderly gentle man comes in to ask about getting his car serviced. Instructor says, you will have to come back at another time, we are in the middle of class. Old guy must a been a bit thirsty. He decides to take a drink from the bubbler (water fountain for you non Wisconsin folks). Only problem is it was an eye wash, and two streams come out hitting his face and glasses more then his mouth. Couldn't have been too tasty either. Not something you want to do in a classroom full of young, still imature kids.

When younger I buffed a friends escort out for him. Was cleaning my buffing pad with a screwdriver. The buffer ripped the screwdriver out of my hand and shot it across the garage. It missed my friend by inches, about the right height in a place you really wouldn't want to go to the emergency room with a screwdriver poking into.

Dropped the fuel tank in one of my cars recently to change the fuel pump, Put tank back up, and hook up hoses. Forgot to hook up plug and was sitting on top of tank. Ohh well drop it back down.

Few weeks ago was getting out the door to work a bit late. Get to work and have on one good shoe and one work shoe. Hey least I had my pants on.

I hate to imagine things I've done when I use to get wasted, and I am sure there are many more I've done.

A forum member here once said he installed carpet in the wrong home, wonder who would have done something like that?
10-10-2007 07:10 AM
bluebu That not quitting until you get to a good stopping place is a good one! Getting distracted in the middle of a job can be BAD! lol


Hubby is getting ready to take his car to the track. He opens the pit **** on his catch can and wanders off to load something else into the truck while it's draining. Forgets to close it. First pass of the evening she stands up hard launching, sloshes water into the can through the still open pit ****, and onto the track. He goes a few feet, hits the water, makes a hard right, and hits the guardrail!

A racing buddy is putting a fresh bottle of NOS into his rig in the backseat area of his car at the track. Someone stops by to talk to him and he neglects to finish tightening the line to the bottle. The line comes loose during his burnout but he doesn't notice anythings amiss until his car fails to leave like it should. He's busy thinking about all the possible causes when he realizes that he's drifted across the center line and he feels like he's going to pass out! He manages to jerk it back into his lane, scrubs it against the wall trying to get it stopped in a hurry, opens the door, and falls out onto the track before passing out. Everyone thought that he'd had a heart attack at first until a track worker hit the kill switch on the car. At that point they could hear 900 psi of nitrous pouring from the bottle. He was fine but he'll NEVER live it down. te he

Me?!? I never Duh moments. I have OH $#IT moments. That's when you have just enough time to think, "Oh $#IT! This is going to hurt!", before it does.

10-09-2007 10:34 AM
embarrasing screw ups

Most embarrasing--- My son (10) is racing Jr. Dragsters. Straight alcohol in a 5hp briggs block. Couple of passes, we'd change oil to get rid of the acohol build up. He qualifies for the finals, so we change the oil and push her to the line. Of course in the excitement, I forgot to put the oil filler plug in tight. It's at the top of the motor. It lubes from a slinger on the crank. Within seconds of firing it up, the lid blows and it looks like spindle top. Got a 12 foot spray of oil drenching the lane, the starter, the other car. Being the final, all the racers, families, spectators were watching. Naturally we are disqualified.
Have done dumber things, but the crowds were smaller, and I didn't take my son down with me.
08-25-2007 07:31 AM
cboy My list is VERY long but the most embarrassing has to be the one that occurred in front of a fairly large crowd back in the mid 70's. I was racing my C/A (pic below) at Great Lakes Dragway in Union Grove, WI. The altered was a Volkswagen shell over a Chapman funny car chassis with a SBC up front and the battery mounted in the back where the VW originally sat.

For some reason I had the battery out between rounds and when I put it back in I neglected to fasten it down and only had the connectors set loosely on the posts. When I made my next pass and stood it up on the wheelie bars in second gear, the battery went flying, hit the rear "trunk" lid, popping it open, and the battery went merrily bouncing down the drag strip.

In those days we were allowed tow vehicles in the competition classes so my wife was following me down the track in our Blazer. She simply stopped, nonchalantly picked up the battery and put it in the car, and continued down the track. Fortunately, the altered had built up a big enough head of steam that I was able to coast it over the finish line and onto the return road or it would have even been MORE embarrassing getting towed off the track. But needless to say, this is not the way to impress a large gathering of hot rodders.

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