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killerformula 05-24-2004 09:58 AM

Next upgrade for the money pit. A 4-speed. Which 4 Speed is the best choice?
Here's a question that's never been made into an opinionated pole, and I feel it would be an interesting thread.

Question: There are only about two choices for moderately-priced, GM overdrive transmissions: The 200 R-4 and the 700 R-4 (including all of its nick names throughout its service). Which one of these transmissions makes a better street transmission? Makes versions of both beginning around 850 dollars and ending at about 1280 dollars with respective horsepower ratings ranging from 350 to a steady diet of 600+ HP and torque. Presupposing this aftermarket companies' claims are correct about their transmissions ratings (many vouch for their reputation, so I'm inclined to believe).

I've been reading a bit about the trannys and I'd have to say that personally I like the 200 better. It still gives you a bit better than the TH350 first gear (2.74 as compared to 2.52) and has a lower overdrive than the 700 (.67). Furthermore, many have expressed dislike at the 700's steep first to second drop in ratio (about 1.5!).

What are your opinions and why?


M&M CUSTOM 05-25-2004 06:07 AM

My choice of the TH-700R4 is for the first gear being low to lower the resistance load on the engine as it now has 171,000 miles on it.

I also like the overdrive ratio being at .70 compared to the 2004R's .67 for the same reason.

Also, there is the little fact that when changing from the th-350 to either of the OD's the speedo drive and driven gears are more easily changed in the 700, the tailshaft housing on the 2004R is NON-removeable.

Both will necessitate the proper setting of the TV cable, and torque convertor lock-up in OD for longevity.

Ghetto Jet 05-25-2004 04:29 PM

I like them both. But for your application get the 2004R it has a better gearing. 2.74:1 going to 1.57:1 is a better matched 1rst 2nd than 3.06:1 going to 1.62:1. The 2004R is also lighter and eats up a little less horsepower.


87442lover 05-26-2004 03:54 AM

200-4R, less parasitic than the 700-4R

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