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hotrod66_57 07-26-2004 10:33 PM

NHRA ruquirements question
i'm in the process of making a 66 nova street/strip car. upon completion the car should be able to run 12's. my question is what safety measures the NHRA requires for this time or possibly faster. also if there are any additional non required measures i should look into that would be very helpful.

sway 07-26-2004 10:42 PM

Full rollcage,trans blanket,driveshaft loop,fuelcell,rear firewall
and much much more.

stepside454 07-27-2004 05:53 AM

no, you dont need all that to go 12s. your best bet is to go to NHRA & get a rule book. For 12s, its basic stuff, radiator overfull, all lug nuts, seat belt et. etc., If your running slicks, youll need a driveshaft loop, youll also need a snell approaved helmet.
Id get the rule book, or atleast go talk to tech guys at your local track

Pony 07-27-2004 11:15 PM

Save yourself a lot of wasted time and trouble. Go to, buy the rule book and build your car to the specs in the book. That way you'll be legal at all NHRA sanctioned tracks and if you'r NHRA legal you will be legal at most any other track around. There are also several good books on building bracket cars. If you spend $50 on books now you can save $$$$$ later and have a car that can win on race day. Join NHRA and you will also get the monthly news magazine. It has a world of useful info on tracks, races, race part discounts and contingency awards. Plan Ahead.. by using selected parts from participating parts manufacturers and displaying their decals on your car you can earn as much and sometimes more money than the actual payout for a class win. Good Luck and most of all Have FUN!!:thumbup:

foestauf 08-04-2004 08:42 AM

Yeah the rules differ from classes a lot.
My pops runs a NHRA Super-Comp dragster.
His rules are just outrageous. If your only running in the 12's I would just stick to outlaw tracks and go have fun.
You know tracks where all what you need is a state driver license and if you run under a certain ET they will prolly require a helmet.

But yeah like for my pops car. The rules are crazy, roll cage must meet specificed diamiter overall, must be so thick on the walls of the tube, so much space inside the tubes, blower has to use like 12 point hex bolts, has to be belted in, blast shields, shut off switches, no rubber lines of any kind, must be all steel braided, blow off valves for the intake, just to start naming a few. This doesn't even get into the driver qualifications, that all entails your ability to control the vehicle, shut the vehicle down with both eyes closed, physical's...

Most tracks don't even require NHRA licenses if your not running under 10 seconds.

chevota11seconds 08-05-2004 07:37 AM

go to or another dragway's website. they give the basic rules, enough for you to be legal

babe_n_indy 08-07-2004 03:48 PM

Are you a member of the NHRA? If so, you would have received a Rule Book. In the rule book, it gives all of the requirements and specifications. You can also go to their web site for additional information:

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