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Originally Posted by oldred
quote- [ If you filled an aircraft tire to about 150 PSI (some tires are inflated to over 200 psi) with normal air on the ground it could easily double at altitude and blow the tire up with catastropic results.

Uhh, I don't think so That kind of defies the laws of physics dose'nt it? The tire may tend to expand a tiny bit because the outside pressure will decrease but the pressure inside the tire can not increase unless you add more air, increase the temperature or decrease the size of the tire. In fact on a hot day, or most any day, the pressure would drop slightly instead of increasing because of the drastic temperature drop between ground level and 30,000 ft. I agree with you about the heat generated on landing but pressure increase with altitude? No way! I picked about 30,000 ft as an example because I assume you are talking about jets and plain air is of no concern at all in my Cessna 152 which will never see over 12,000 ft but lots of aircraft use plain air and go a hell of a lot higher than that without tire problems. As has already been pointed out Oxygen depletion would be of no concern in a paint booth or any painting area because ventilation is required anyway, like I said earlier the paint fumes and over-spray would reach toxic and blinding levels long before Oxygen depletion becomes a problem.
holy crap oldred, the service ceiling of a cessna 152 is 12,000 at best. density-altitude usually = a lot less. i never had mine over much more than 6000'. are you wiley post re-incarnated... come back to earth and keep posting all those welding threads. don't leave, we all need you..
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