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Originally Posted by painted jester View Post
Bob I live outside of Clare and Everett in gods country with the shooters and beer drinken bible thumpers that think the word ends on the 21st LOL

He was Everett Rezendes, 1929 Ford, The Cranberry Delivery! He took all the credit on the Cranberry Delivery when he won Riddler Award! Joe Zambeck, Myself and about 20 others helped on that car! I thought he was my friend! His only friend was his money!! He was Busted and sued for stealing from Ford motor company R&D department (the touch controls and other things) I don't know if he went to jail for it though! I was supposed to testify but he pled out!I always thought they should have pulled his trophy but they didn't! He never put cooler lines on that car (Shows only car LOL) and when it was driven the first time it blew the whole trans out of it (on the ground)LOL
I had pictures of it when we worked on it but they were Polaroids and faded terribly I threw them out! It was something we were all proud of ) Till the scandal hit!

"Packy" lives up here by me! he was in the Piston Pushers and Taylor Area Street Rods His lungs are shot from asbestos! I don't know where Morgan is. I saw Rose a while back on the U.S. 27 tour. The "I did it" car and truck come up here to the weekend Coleman Show, Burn outs Fri. night and the show till Sunday afternoon! Its one of the good shows in Micigan!

I haven't seen Jumbo since '79 when I had cancer he came to see me before I died LOL I was diagnosed terminal! I beat the Devil though and Im still cruisen, We used to stop in at his home when cruising Telegraph when Woodward was getting tough to cruise! I remember your car! Hope you get it back one day! I can't help you though! The Dodge Hump back, Packy's "The Pack Rat" came in 3rd or 4th against the Cranberry I repainted and restored it a couple of years ago its in my Journal! It was hell redoing his mural it was hand painted years ago!

You didn't answer how old you are now? I had cancer a couple of more times again and had to sell the Plymouth after 39 years to pay medical bills
and picked up the Vett for 500 dollars it was t boned on both sides LOL but the frame was untouched Built it back with no Body parts just fiber & resin all I need now is door panels and paint but I still have fun driving it unfinnished and Im working on a 79 Camaro for the wife.

When your points are open do you have juice going to the terminal of the points from the coil? (when the points close and ground, the coil should throw a spark) if the points don't ground there will be no spark so yes it is very possible you need good points! So it could be a bad coil or condenser (unless you changed them) Or points or your dist. is not grounding! You can check the dist. ground easy hook the test light to power and touch the dist. body if it lights you have a good Dist. ground! Is that an old coil? If the plate the points are screwed to doesn't have a good ground to the dist. it wont let the points fire You can run a ground wire from the point plate screw to the main body of the dist. many distributors have that. If the engine block isn't grounding good it wont get spark, If the plugs aren't grounding to the block they wont spark!Did you check or change the plugs?

Did you check and clean all your grounds! How many years did your car set and was it out doors?

Your old friend Chris
I am 68 years old this year and inprtty good shape, 34 operations on worn out parts in ME. rods in my back steel hip stell replacement o=piece in my right elbow . Quit smokin after 39 years......lucky to be alive i'd say i'll check those latest recomendatinos tomorrow.
This 60 set o/s for 8or 9 years in back of a building by the prison in ypsilanti twp

your loe founf friend bob scharp ias jumbo still in business.?I see Teddy Z quite often in the summer shows around here. take care we will talk again PS Chris now that you mention it .it comes back to me. Rezendes hid that red delivery for awhile. Do you remember the couple who were killed hauling the "other" red delivery built around the same time. It rolled over and down a hill in tenn. They were pulling an enclosed trailer at the time. i remember being told. the transvan and the couple were killed, and the trailer was damaged..but the A -model came thru untouched. thats all i can remember, except the couple owned their own body shop. Nice people they were.i know there names can't think of them now. Chris.My memory is a bit cloudy till i see a sweet hotrod,or kustom kar, and it all comes back to me how great they are. as..................................... usuall typos are free bob s
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