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bondo, i was thinking about that, the fuel filter is the usual silver on, not glass so unsure if its all clogged up, maybe moving to a glass unit would be a good idea to see how the fuel actually looks, the filter itself is fairly new, with the engine rebuild. the fuel in the tank is recent only been keeping about a quarter or a little over in the tank at a time, althought the tank itself is original and i dont think its ever been hot tanked or cleaned so sediment may be playing a factor in the fuel issue.
to help with the lean issue i did inspect the plugs when we did the compression test and the tips and arms are black, and kinda sooty, kinda on the wet looking side, not a dry looking soot. so i was thinking either gas soaked, or oil from maybe the rings not being seated all the way yet? also i thought if it was running real lean all the time the plugs would be whitish in color, although i have read that they can be black as well, maybe confusion between people giving advice?

454c10, ive been pondering the timing issue, we have a summit timing tape on the balancer, but its an aftermarket metal bolt on timing tab on the timing cover, in about the same location as the old welded on tab, i made sure to find that tdc was even with the 0 on the tab and the notch in the balancer, since the balancer wasnt number, and it was pretty dead on, given that you can only be so accurate witht the ole screw driver in the plug hole trick. when i stabbed the dist in the engine i lined up the 0 on the tab with the 0 on the timing tape, and have verified it a couple times witht the screw driver method and making sure with the valve cover off that we are on the compression stroke of the number one cyl.

so im leaning towards tearing the carb down and seeing if theres trash in there, and adjusting the floats to 7/16" per edelbrocks suggestions, and im still wondering whether the dizzy is on its way out?
is there any way to definitavely check for a leaned out fuel mixture, without using a a/f ratio guage?

thanks for you guys help, its much appreciated, more ideas and suggestions will definately be appreciated.

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