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yea the heads have a 72cc combustion chamber wich is fairly large, would have rather have seen somewhere around 64 or even 58cc or so but i wasnt part of the original planning of the motor, heres the link for the heads

but really its his first build and its a learning situation i suppose, for the both of us. as for the pistons i remember seeing them but didnt make a note of what they were, hes pretty sure they are flat top pistons with the valve reliefs, but as for numbers for the pistons he doesnt know, they were in the motor when he originaly bought it, just refreshed the bottom end, new rings and such and installed a new crank. so im pretty sure compression is down, but really its way more than just a low compression issue, at one time during this whole deal it actually put me back in the seat, i wasnt ready for it, i was use to driving Mrs Daisy around, but it hasnt happened since, i mean this thing is like the flintstone mobile, complete with the holes in the floor boards for your feet as well! now just need a big rack of brontosaurus ribs hanging off the door and all will be well.
so thats why i was leaning toward the timing issue since it kinda has intermittent power but definately far and few between, but could be fuel related....too many variables i suppose and not enough time with work and the holidays coming up to get it all sorted out in a timely manner.
maybe start cranking the timing to the moon and listen for pinging and just back it up or retrace our steps and check tdc and stuff again and go back to square one.....also any idea of symptoms of a bad ignition controll module in the dizzy or one thats going bad, or are they like the TFI module in the fords and dont really start to go bad, they either work or they dont?

sorry to be long winded but i just want to give the most info that i can about what we have going on, thanks for the help thus far.

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