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heck yea man thanks for the advice, your stuff sounds like a bummer man, especially since you have started throwing parts at it, although the intake gaskets sounds like a good fix , the low compression #8 cylinder on your motor, my buddies, old time chebby heads, said when you do a compression test and one cylinder or adjacent cylinders come up lower than the others to squirt some oil into the plug hole and then see if it comes back up to pressure, if it does its ok, if it doesnt then theres something else the matter, i dunno if i remembered that right but you might give that a shot, but you can only trust shade tree stuff to a certain degree haha, i take it you did check the #8 intake valve to see if it was hanging too, i know a PIA to check but maybe you have an exhaust valve not closing all the way on the #8 but i suppose you would have to pull of the headers or manifold and contort yourself to look in the exhaust port with the ole maglite to see about that one, this crap is enough to drive you crazy.
, i put a glass fuel filter on it this after noon to see what the fuel is like and its pretty clear and is filling the tube, didnt break down for a fuel pressure guage yet though, however i was playing the the linkage to the accelerator pump, and had it in the last hole towards the bottom on the arm towards the engine block, and it made things way worse, backfiring through the carb at the slightist throttle play and ran even worse, so i moved it all the way to the first hole closest to the carb and it ran alot better, actually was able to break a tire loose a little bit, but you still cant use the throttle more than about 1/8 or 1/4 or it starts to choke out, so either to much or little fuel, or its still the ignition, wich he ordered a new dizzy so we are going to put that in in the morning, and replace this wonder plug wires that are on it currently, they are in sad shape, especially the number 5 wire, anyways, i appreiate your input, and hopefully we both can fix our issues and we can swap stories about makingn the pavement scream!
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