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Uh Oh !

Not too much has changed since those days you remember...LOL You need 4 things for all engines to run. Spark, Fuel, Air and Timing. After the van cools down see if it will start on its own {no starting fld}. If it does you may want to ck. your cat. converter. If it's defective it could be closing up when hot not letting the exhaust out, creating 'pressure' in the engine. If it still won't start pull a spark plug or 2 and see what they look like. Sometimes the plugs are forgotten about these days and are left in an engine way too long. The gap opens up on them, or they get carboned over and they can't fire as they should. I can tell you after 40 yrs. working on these things that if you have spark all the way threw the spark plug, and you shoot some starting fluid into the intake system and it reaches the combustion chamber it will run. <assumeing the valve timing is correct> It may sputter and surely cut off, but it will run. Too much gas usually makes black smoke, but I have seen the fuel pressure regulator go bad and injectors will then put way too much fuel into the combustion chambers, or the small vacuum line will suck fuel into the engine, via the intake. Causeing the engine to flood while running. I can't go back and read your intial statement but did you say your van has a throttle body or injectors ? If it has a TB, look at the TB while your cranking the engine. Make sure you have nothing more than a fine mist of fuel while cranking. Anything more and may have a bad TB unit. Hope this helps !!
If not write back and let me know what all you checked and how ! Sounds like it could be a simple repair. The CID, last tune up mileage, would be helpfull.
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