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NOVA1958 08-26-2012 09:18 PM

Nova Fenders
Hey everybody I need suggestions on where to purchase the best fitting front fenders for my 72 Nova.


edspring1 08-29-2012 10:46 PM

From my expierences with replacement fenders, doors, 1/4's, floors, patch panels, or any panel. If OEM is available BUY IT ! Even if you have to do small repairs. I have used every companies panels known to mankind. Believe me when I tell you that ALL of them have fitment or material issues. I am pretty sure regaurdless of brand name that there is really only 1-2 manufactures of all these aftermarket replacement panels. Of course being sold under who knows how many different brand names. I have used them all, and had to do hours worth of work to make them cosmetically as good as OEM or at the very least stretch holes, tweak this and that to make them look and fit correctly. I'll take a correctly repaired OEM panel anyday over these aftmkt. stuff being offered. One way or the other if you want it to look and fit correctly your going to have to pay extra. In my eyes pay the extra for a OEM item, atleast it will bolt on right, body lines will match, correct thickness, etc.

MARTINSR 08-29-2012 11:12 PM

I use only OEM even if they need a LOT of work.


cdminter59 08-30-2012 09:18 PM

Nova Fenders
I am in the process of getting my 67 Camaro painted. I got a phone call from Shean the guy who's doing the work. He wanted me to come take a look at the car. When I got there I immediately saw why he wanted me to see it. The driver's fender had a big gap between the door and rear of the fender. The gap at the top and bottom of the fender were about the same (the width of 2 paint sticks. In the center the gap was about 1/4 inch. I told him I would get another fender to see if it would have a better fit. I checked out the Camaros. net website to see the brand everyone is using. I decided to buy the Auto Metal Direct fender instead of Goodmark. The fit is awesome! It has a 3/16 gap from top to bottom. Only needed shimming for the height. Shean said he couldn't believe it fit so good. Check out their website at I found a Camaro parts store in Danville, Va. about 3 hrs from me that had it in stock. I made the trip that next day. I saved $45 on the price of the fender and $125 on the truck freight.

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