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Irelands child 05-29-2007 01:33 PM

Anyone going to NSRA York this coming weekend?? I'll be in the swap meet but would like to meet up with anyone, if for no other reason then to put a face to a name (and sometimes even a real name). I'm supposed to have swap site "Lucky 13" and will be, hopefully, selling some of my extra treasures off the tailgate of my green Ford F150. Oh - is there any interest in a couple of 8" Ford 'punkins' - a 2.79 prairie gear or a 3.00 econo gear? The 2.79 was rebuilt but has about 4K miles on it and both have new unrun pinion seals. Might also have a 3.70 9" as well.


48cad 05-29-2007 03:18 PM

I'll be there. Driving from South Carolina in my 48' Caddy convertible. Hope the weather holds out. I lived in Pennsylvania 34 years, I don't miss the weather there at all. Look for me and my tangerine caddy.

Irelands child 05-30-2007 12:00 PM

[QUOTE=48cad]I'll be there. Driving from South Carolina in my 48' Caddy convertible. Hope the weather holds out. I lived in Pennsylvania 34 years, I don't miss the weather there at all. Look for me and my tangerine caddy.

I'll look for the car and you - either at my swap meet site or out wandering.

Since it's York - IT WILL RAIN :pain: :rolleyes:


FASTFORD 05-30-2007 06:22 PM

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I plan on being there all 3 conditions could alter those plans :(

jtk22ny 01-17-2011 01:11 PM

NSRA, YORK 2011... Appears numerous people,myself included, lost their rooms at the NSRA Nat's East host hotel, Holiday Inn, due to room blocks being increased for the NSRA and their vendors. People were told to have their reservations in with a check or credit card by 1/1/2011 as rooms would be tight but when the number exceeded what was required for the NSRA/Vendors before 1/1/11 people who had rooms for years were just dropped and their rooms given to the NSRA management and the various vendors. Just wanted to say thanks to the NSRA for keeping their members who have supported them for years their top priority.

Jim Kelly

Centerline 01-17-2011 03:35 PM

That's Vernon Walker and the boys for you. Nothing but a bunch of greedy lying cash hounds. They did the same thing to me at Louisville several years ago. They're only in it for the cash and they don't give a damn about their members. Never have... never will.


"Political Correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end."

Irelands child 01-17-2011 05:11 PM

OMG - this 2007 thread is still around!!!

I stay about 20 miles from York. The in-town prices are ridiculous.

CL - wotinhel did Vernon do to you? You have had several rants about him in the past. Phew! He has been good to me, but.......???? There are some vendors (i.e. the Brookville folks holier then thou attitude) that I am not crazy about, but so far he isn't one of them - yet :sweat:

I'm not infatuated with the "new" NSRA, but still like 'em better then Goodguys for the two shows I do vs the one GG that is out of control

Dave W

Centerline 01-17-2011 06:37 PM

Don't get me started on Vernon and his lies. Page after page of his lies in StreetScene about the 30 year rule didn't endear him to many members. Suffice to say, he's in it for the money and that 's all. The people who support his organization with their dollars and their cars don't mean sh** to him or the NSRA's other owners for that matter. Its all about the money!


"Don't retreat.... just reload." - Sarah Palin

32Tudor 04-24-2011 01:57 PM

Going to York from Central Jersey
I am planning on leaving about 6am Friday and coming home Sunday.
One thing I love doing out there is visiting Lincoln speedway. It is the best dirt track I have seen. They race sprint cars every Saturday night. The announcer is a great guy and lets me park in employee parking. There is a slight rick of your car getting dusted if the wind is going the wrong way, but it usually is fine.

Anybody heading out there around the same time, please let me know, we can travel as a pack.

Somerville Main street cruise night is every Friday night and I plan to try to stir up a little interest there as well.

I will be driving my 32 Sedan.

Job~Rated 04-29-2011 02:18 AM

I have no time for the NSRA, or 'National Society Of Retarded A-Holes' as I like to call them.

However, I may just turn up at one of their events this year, just to pee them off... :D

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