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belikethismike 03-14-2006 10:15 PM

O.K. here's the question with 2 parts ...

I'm looking to put new wheels & tires on my car that will eat up the wheel well gap ... How can I figure out the sizes I need to accomplish this.
I'd also like to get a small rake look to it.

So how can I figure if it's going to take say 20's in the back and 18's or 19's in the front ... I know that this look is primarily done by lowering the car - but I don't want to touch the factory suspension. I know it won't be perfect or look exact without doing that - but again trying to come as close as possible and most importantly trying to eat up that wheel well gap without rubbing issues and what not.

The vehicle is a 67 Ford Mustang with stock factory suspension but did convert the front drum brakes to disc.


If I do have to lower it - then can someone provide me with the info I need to do whatever or relpace whatever to the front & rear suspension to drop it down and eat up that wheel well gap that I'm looking to do.

Thanks for anyones help and assistance with this ...

kohle1ce 03-14-2006 10:53 PM

As far as figuring out tire diameters I use the formula
aspect ratio*section width + rim diameter = tire diameter

For example if my tires are 275/60 R15

60*275 +15= 27.99"

from this you can play with different tire and rim sizes. This will tell you if you will lower or raise the stance by the wheels also

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