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Bennyj 06-29-2012 04:22 AM

Oddy's Dyno Tested Engines

Has any one used a Oddy's Engine in there rod before if so would you use him again? Or have any one heard much about him?


zildjian4life218 06-29-2012 05:18 AM

I live in WNY and have always heard tons of hype about oddys. If you do some google searching you will hear some horror stories from people getting "New" motors with reconditioned and used parts in them. I think yellow bullet had a couple posts on them.

I personally have never had enough money to be able to buy one of their engines so It has never happened to me. A friend of mine had a set of heads have seats put in there after the fuel system went lean on his nitrous motor. After getting the heads back We put some parts washer fluid down each runner and they all leaked. Got the dykem out and it seems as though the heads were not level when they cut the olds ones out and installed the ones cause there was a section on each seat where the wear pattern was going above the main seat angle.

joelster 06-29-2012 05:43 AM

I live in WNY as well. Jim Oddy doesn't own the shop anymore. The shop in Elma is vacant right now, they have moved locations. Bill owns/runs it and there have been multiple horror stories lately about money owed, parts owed, etc.

AutoGear 06-29-2012 02:53 PM

Im in Syracuse; same information as the above 2 gentlemen.

For my money; theres a litany of good circletrack guys who could throw down a solid shortblock for you for reasonable money. Im not a Buffalonian; but out here; theres Jimmy D's; Enders, Port City Machine in Oswego. If you are going serious high dollar I-want-a-shotgun-in-a-knife-fight; google 'WolfPlace'. Mike builds seriously killer stuff, but hes in California, not worth the shipping for a basic street engine.

What are you looking to buy, aside from valvecovers with someones name stickered on em

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