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1937 chevy 2 dr sedan

I built the car in 1990 and have loved driving it since then. My wife drives it most of the time, and she has driven Mercedes, Volvo, BMW, Passats, and she loves the ride, handling and performance. I will attempt to outline what parts I have that ride so well but goes back now 22 years.

1. Front end was an RB's bolt in with a Mustang 2 bolt power steering rack. The 3 bolt power steering racks are faster from turn to turn.
2. RB's front sway bar without the factory dip on the front. THe front springs were from a 1976 Pinto wagon with a/c and v6 I think. All the springs had different ratings.
3. Front shocks are still great and they are munroe gas matics
3. Power steering pump was from a 1965 chev impala. It had the lowest pump pressure of any GM pump. If you do a search you will see that pump pressure varies between different pumps. No leaks in 22 years.
3. Rear was the RBs rear leafs and munroe shocks. I used 2 inch blocks under the axle and run 2.35X75X15 inch rear tires.
4. Motor 350 tpi
5. Trans 700r
6. Brakes. My booster was from a 1986 Ford Bronco and a master cylinder from a the same vehicle I think. The bracket and pedal came out of a 1980's for pickup. I bent the arm that holds the pedal that original was almost a "C" to more than straight going back the other way by heating red hot with a torch. Car stops on a dime.
Front brakes are upgraded to Camaro with an upgrade kit. They are the larger rotos with the camaro or Regal calipers. This required the narrow front axle nut when I purchased the conversion.

Over the 22 years and 80 miles I have replaced the brakes on the front once and two turbo mufflers. We pulled a fiberglass trailer and our 22 foot skiboat with this car.

I did have one power steering drip for about 10 years, and was considering getting my rack rebuilt until I noticed the return line used a factory clamp with a bolt and nut. The bolt was tight and the fluid was so clear I couldn't seem to isolate where it was leaking. It then dripped on the rack. One day I noticed the rubber hose moved when I grabbed it even though the clamp was tight. I replaced the clamp with a gear style clamp and the leak was finally gone.

I recently replaced the inner tie rod ends and the shop in town that did the alignment took it out for a test drive. They do a lot of street rods and high performance cars and the mechanic said it was one of the nicest driving cars he had driven.

I would see if you could bolt in an older power 2 bolt rack. I know they are getting harder to find.
Only problem I have had has been a radiator leak, over the 22 years.

This is now my latest rides

The older racks are getting hard to find but I do know from reading that the Mustang 2 racks varied depending on whether they were 2 bolt or 3 bolt.

My email is if I can be of any help.
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