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The doctor got angry at me!!! aaahh!!


No, doc, it wasn't that kinda "fresh".... I couldn't afford that type of freshness....

Fresh for the engine I'm using to me meant things someone hadn't done to it for a while..... like.....

Head gasket, valve cover gaskets, flywheel, scraped a bunch of gunk build-up out from under the intake, repl. cast iron 2bbl intake with an aluminum 4bbl intake, new engine mounts, new distributor cap, plugs, wires, water flushed out, new dipstick, new oil cap, headers... many new things... as we are in the trade, we of course are tax exempt from the parts and get everything at aboult half of list, but I still spent upwards of 600 doing all the above and more..exhaust system not included as that cost 325.

This came out of a 1975 Chevy G10 van which had well over 200,000 miles on it... probably in the range of 220,000 to 250,000.

The van had fell apart around the engine, and I saw it as a great oppertunity as I knew the guy was going to "donate" it to charity, I instead asked him to "donate" it to ME! (knowing full well that at some point in the future I will definatley rebuild the heads and bore everything over, etc.. just can't afford it now, and when my plugs aren't fouled, it runs like a top.)

(Pulled the TH350 out of that van as well.... driving reckless I've been through 3 TH350's and the original 200C monte carlo transmission... this one has lasted a long time, and I believe it's original to the van)

As for wires, Doc... You've mis-interpreted me, but that's okay because sometimes I even mis-interpret myself..
What I meant was I couldn't find good ones around as in... laying around the garage... .. good as in.. good enough to make it run, and I ended up finding 2 from an old chrysler engine that was sitting in there and put them on whichever way I could get them on.. (it was pretty stupid to try and use cutting pliers to get a boot off a spark plug... and then I did it AGAIN.. cut 2 of them in 2 minutes.. STUPID STUPID idea lol.. we needed the garage so I had to find some wires to get it the hell out of there) --my wires never really went, 6 of them are the same wires from last November... it's just those 2 I had to replace because of a dumb idea.

As for the anti-foulers... I'm only using 2 of them so it's not that bad right now.... and I wouldn't want any more... in fact, when I get the valve seals done, as I will do, I am going to remove them as I believe I got lazy and just put them any old place as I don't get any oil build up on the passenger side of the engine anyway and that's where one of them is, and the other is in the #1 cyl and I don't think that's a trouble spot either.. just 3 and 5. #3 has one of those special anti-fouling plugs in it which seems to do okay for now, and #5 i keep changing.

Maybe I'm too picky.. lol.. It WOULD go unnoticed in any other car because I'm not behind the wheel of any other car.. lol... I used to have a miss on 3 cyl and couldn't tell the diff a few yrs ago... sometimes with an 8 at high speeds u really can't... --sometimes--

Now? I can hear, I can feel, I can SMELL 1 plug missing.. as it's doing now.. 1 isn't hitting right and I'm gonna have to solve that....

Thanks for replying though Doc!
Ever since my post about the 4bbl carb and its butteflies and secondaries.... I've always enjoyed reading what you write to me.

By the way, what year vettes do you own?

We've got a customer here who's a retired supreme court judge who is 81 yrs old and has an 81 corvette.... what a hunk of junk to be honest... that car, seriously, is in my driveway for repairs 3x a month!

I'm beginning to think he just leaves it here on weekends so he has more parking in front of the house for company.. hehehe.. I remember one time he bought those steel braided spark plug wires and never grounded them? that was a joke!

By the way doc,

I dunno if my problem is TOO bad right now.. once I get it running smooth, as I just did.. and probably woke all tne neighbors in doing so.... changed 2 plugs and took off one of those antifoulers, it's running like the top that it is... -- plugs will only start missing maybe a month or two later once they're all working-- its just that during warm up-- then they foul faster, as it runs pretty rough until that choke opens up.

. and lately this week all it's been doing is being started each day and not driven due to 1 flat and 1 tire showing steel threads... that I haven't had the chance to fix (doesn't bother me yet, don't get license back till Oct 8th).. which brings up another question--- How hard would it be to mount my own tires doing it the old fashioned way? My grandfather who's 82 and still in the mechanic business says he could probably mount a tire to a rim manually in 20 minutes or less if he had the tools still. I'm getting tired of paying someone all this money to put a tire on the rim. I'll save $80 car-round and mount the things myself if i knew it weren't a pain in the butt.

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