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Doc here.. win...I thought I held the Long~in~the Text award...but you have me beat hands down...

Not mad (other than insane...) At all!

It's my Gene pool that needs a lifeguard!!

Thanks for the "More Details" you provided, It throws a different light on the situation...

Sounds like an engine that high mileage might be ready for rings / Valves soon..and it's starting to show up a little at a time..Do a full compression test and see what the numbers look like..`125 to 150 and your good for a while..

You might still want to do the stem seals...a good cheap stop gap on the oil consumption.

I thought you were talking about plug wire sets...that weren't working out...Sorry about that.

Save up some cash (throw any change in a jar or as I did, a Box, under $5 bucks every matter how much it hurts!) For a new set of good 8 mm or better spiral core wires, plugs and a rotor...

you'll find your cash will mount up fast with the jar 2 or 3 paydays..I did that over ALL of last a Tupperware casserole box (the big 1 foot by 2 foot.) saved up almost 1700.00 bucks when I dumped it on the bank guy...mostly $1 bills..The happy guy had to count it all...)

If you can, get rid of, (solve the problem) the anti Fowler's, probably the Seals will help to do that. Your not doing your idle / performance any favors and only forestalling the inevitable anyway...your fuel economy should go up with all 8 firing..properly!

My Vettes are:
  • 1980, Daily driver..Bought from scrap yard for $1500.00, and restored into a daily driver, (the one in the avatar)
  • 1978 Silver, bought as a parts car,
  • 1978 Silver, Non California Smogger, not a streeter,
  • 1978 Silver, bought from the first owner after a 25 year hiatus on blocks because of a blown water pump with 4000 miles on it, this one is for resto..rubber parts mostly..

81's were the first FULL production year out of the new Bowling greenPlant when Corvette moved the division there in 80..Those had "Weird" Bugs in them..AND they were the crossover to the CCCC confuser system for smog...from the CCC (1980) .

As For the tires, It just ain't worth changing them yourself (although it can be done) Rims today are made of alloy's that scratch, and burr when you try to "Horse" a tire on the rim, not like the old steel solid rim days..AND It's a LOT of work! Besides, your gonna want them balanced when your done, or your misfire won't bother you at all, you'll never feel it for the shimmy!

Usually a gas station with an old Coats 1010 will mount them for 5 to 7 bucks a tire (if it's a mom and pop, and your nice to them..)and balance for a buck or two more..Or try an "Old School" wrecking yard..they might let you do it for free..(especially if you buy a used tire or two from them!)

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