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jmbjs 04-10-2006 09:56 PM

Oil Filter relocation kit...
Hello folks,
I have a question regarding relocating an oil filter. My bud and I finally worked out the timing problem we had to give a newly built engine the fire it needed it. On the first start we had to shut the engine down to fix a fuel problem. We only had the engine running for about 2 minutes. We ran out of time to restart the engine and continue the break-in, but out of curiosity I dropped the oil filter to take a look at the oil. It appeared the oil was not even circulating through the relocated oil filter. Alarmed, I drained the oil to see what it looked like. I dropped a large magnet in the oil and ran it around to see what would be picked up, and the magnet didnt pick up anything metal.the drained oil looked used, with black carbon swirls, settling on the bottom of the drain pan. The oil in the oil filter, and lines running to the block were as clean as it was when it was poured in. I am hoping that didnt cause any damage to the engineI still have yet to fire it up again to finish the break-in.

What would cause the oil not to circulate? :confused: I ensured there was nothing blocking the lines, and even ported out the more restrictive choke points of both the block and oil filter side of the mounts. I spent a pretty penny and quite a bit of time finding the plumbing and fabricating a bracket for the filter ount so this has been dissapointing. My plan is to get rid of the kit for now and put the filter back on the block, refill the oil and continue onor should I be looking a little harder before I start it up again? This is my first engine build so I hope Im not boogering something up! :( Any help would be most appreciated.

1972 Chevy Vega coupe:
Holley 600cfm carb, Holley street dominator intake
Brodix Ik 200 aluminum heads (.055 copper gaskets)
Howards cam (.410/410 lift, 288/288 duration) 1.6 roller rockers
HEI Petronix Flame-thrower 50,000v upgrade kit
8mm accel wires
030 over, with flat-tops
3.562 offset grind crank
Moroso windage tray
Hooker headers
T-350 with shift kit/3200 ACC stall convertor
4:56 running gear, 26x8.5 slicks
Griffin radiator w/flex-lit Electric fan

Elevinpointsixtoone 04-10-2006 10:19 PM

Did you have oil pressure? Is there fresh oil in the rocker area? It may be you had been just by-passing the filter altogether. There is a pressure releif valve that if I remember right, will allow oil to bypass the filter when there is too much back pressure by going through the filter. Its a little deal right there on the block/filter mounting pad. It could be stuck open or you have a blockage in the filter lines or maybe you have the wrong filters on the remote mount meaning the holes in the filter don't line up with the holes in the mount causing it to be sealed off.

jmbjs 04-11-2006 06:25 AM

Oil filter relocation kit...
Thank you for your reply,
Yes, I had good oil pressure. As far as the pressure relief valve, is the valve located on the block itself, or the mounting kit? I dont see one on the kit that attaches to the block...I think your on to something though with the holes not lining up between the filter and the mount, when I get off work that will be the first thing to check. I will also double check the lines to make sure nothing got in there...It would be a crying shame to burn my engine up for the convienence of not having to crawl under the car to change the oil filter! :(

farna 04-11-2006 07:26 AM

There may be a valve built into the bypass filter adapter. Some have a valve that prevents oil going through the filter until a certain pressure, usually 20-30 psi, is reached. That could be built into the oil pump, but I don't think so on an SBC. Pressure is reduced after passing through the filter, so the pressure requirement makes sense. As noted, some have the opposite -- a relief valve to prevent to much pressure from entering (and possibly rupturing) the filter. Check manufacturers specs on yours to see how it's made. Filters have an anti-drainback valve, and some have a high pressure valve built in. You might have a bad filter. Did you pre-fill the filter before screwing it on? Try that, and a different filter.

Most adapters have a circular channel for the oil entering/leaving, there should be no holes to line up.

Jake_Dragon 04-11-2006 08:15 AM

There is a oneway valve in some filters, if you have the hoses connected to the wrong nipples it wont flow.

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