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Ok, here we go, I was getting ready to put the curtain in and double checked the bow height and found something odd. I had done a stupid thing when I set that height. I had put a big nylon tie to hold it from falling down and then put a tie down on each side pulling back on the bow to make it tight when I put the top pads on. The measurement I made wad in the middle, 20 1/2" off the rear moulding, and it ends up being exactly what the manual said to the second to the rear bow, perfect, or so I thought. My problem was one tie down was tighter than the other! So the bow was further ahead than the other though at the perfect 20 1/2" in the middle! CRAP!

I pulled the staples on the right side and found that it wanted to go back a little further. Anyway, I broke down and made the sticks to hold it just as the GM manual said, what an idea huh?

Ok, so here is my new dilemma. The center of the rear bow measures that magical 20 1/2" AND at each stick I get that perfect 17 5/8" from the manual, how beautiful is that. The problem is I still am getting different measurements of about 3/8" from side to side with the body. I am talking measuring from the edge of the door jamb to that piece of tape you see on the side of the rear bow. I marked it measuring up from the bolt so both sides are the same. I also measure from a point 15 inches from the end of that chrome moulding on the pinch weld right below those sticks and whether I measure from the moulding it's self or from below the moulding where the trim stick attaches I still get those same measurements though these may be even more than the 3/8" off.

It looks like the whole top is forward on one side that 3/8". The top fits perfect and goes up and down fine, is this 3/8" going to make a difference?

Let me make this clear, I don't think it will matter one bit. I can't imagine every guy who puts a top on making these measurements and being as anal as I am, but I have to ask being I am told over and over how important that 20 1/2" bow height is.

I think I can get that pad on the right stapled back in though it isn't going to be over the top of the bow as much as it was being I brought that side of the bow back a little. I will also tighten up that left pad a little. What do you think?


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