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87442lover 06-26-2004 07:35 AM

Old couple
There is this old couple and they have been married for a long time. They hadn't had sex in a while, so the wife goes out and buys some crotch less underwear.

She goes home and puts them on and goes downstairs. Her husband is sitting in the living room watching sports on tv and she goes and sits in front of him, but he tries to look around her at the tv.

She opens her legs and says, "You want some of this?"

The husban replies, "Hell no, look what it did to your underwear.

coldknock 06-26-2004 08:45 AM

AAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhahahahahahahahahaha. Dang that was funny.


Bad Rat 06-26-2004 10:49 AM

this will probably get deleated but what the hell

This poor guy was laying in the hospital, with tubes hanging out of him, breathing through a oxygen mask, and not doing very well at all, The duty nurse kinda felt sorry for him, and decided to give him a cool bath, just to comfort him a little
while she was giving him his bath, she heard him ask if his testicles are black? not quite sure that she wanted to check, she just ignored him,, a few minutes later, again she hears him ask ARE MY TESTICLES BLACK?? so she tells the poor guy that she was just trying to comfort him with a cool bath , and didn't know anything about that stuff, but she would look,, she raises up the sheet and moves everything around and makes sure that they aren't black,, she puts the sheet back over him and says to him,, NO your testicles are not black,,, finally he pulls back the oxygen mask and tells her,, I'm sorry ,,, you misunderstood me ,, I said ARE MY TEST RESULTS BACK????? BILL

Huckster 06-26-2004 11:55 AM

LMAO :mwink:

Ghetto Jet 06-26-2004 02:13 PM

hahahaha, funny guys.

Sandflea427SS 06-26-2004 11:45 PM

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