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jimm 03-20-2002 05:10 PM

old heads/new heads
hey guys! i'm not talking about gray hair vs youngblood!just wondering what kind of gains might be realized by going to a pair or world products sr torquer headsw/170cc intake runners,2.02/1.60 valves,76 cc chambers]? .i am presently using 76cc chamber bowtie heads that have 2.02/1.60 valves and some porting.come on! give me your hard earned gray cells! thanks and thanks again,jimm

4 Jaw Chuck 03-20-2002 05:19 PM

Jimm, without knowing your cam design this is a tough one. I would say that there would be the most improvement in the low to midrange (30-45HP) due to the increased flow speed with a mild gain up top (10-25HP). This is a real stab in the dark though.

jimm 03-20-2002 05:33 PM

4jaw chuck,hey!,keep on stabbing!ok,cam is 226/234 @.050,.480/.498 duration @ .050[dont have lobe centers handy]jimm

4 Jaw Chuck 03-20-2002 05:52 PM

Ahhh... that is a little bigger cam than I assumed, just turn those figures around that I just posted and that should be close to what you should expect. Sounds like a real thumper your building.

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