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Originally Posted by Tryin2MakeIt
hey guys! just wondering if anyone knows what it would take put an old chevy 5.7 350 in a newer Chevy camero or Pontiac firebird (like 94-98)?
got a motor i built just looking for a car to put it in and its cheaper to get a high mile newer car than old school. i put all my money in my motor. now im broke. i know some come with v6 and some with v8. does this change motor mount location or the way the frame is made?
What about the rocket science. These cars are highly electronically integrated, things don't work as things any more they work as part of a integrated system.

If one assumes that an older 350 also means a carbureted engine, then the transmission and instruments are left hanging in space and to get them functional you have to purchase special computers and resolvers, not an inexpensive adventure.

If on the other hand you're intending to put factory injection on an older block using new heads of course, then the factory sensors and computers will function as long as this is a V8 to V8 swap. A V6 to V8 swap is a lot more complicated as the wire harness and specific sensors and computers will not be totally compatible.

There were two different V6s used in these cars which use different bell housing bolt patterns. The 60 degree V6 uses a different pattern from the 90 degree V6 and V8s. Additionally, the flywheel/flex-plate between older two piece seal and newer one piece seal engines is different requiring the purchase of the fly/flex appropriate to the crankshaft end of the engine your using.

The mounts are unique to the engine being used, the frame will accept that which is required for any of the optional engines available for the car.

All in all swapping an older engine into these newer Camaros is not for the faint of heart or wallet. These are pretty involved swaps that will take you places you never thought you'd have to go to. This is especially true of V6 to V8 swaps as you have to add those issues to the other systems problems.

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