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fat40 12-08-2005 09:46 AM

old style starter gm to new style
I have just changed engines in my 40 ford from a 1968 chev 327 to a 383 .So I will not be using my old style starter .Going to a new gm small style , what I am would like to know is the resistor wire on the old style starter going to cause me any problems not being connected . If so where does the resistor wire on the old style go to in the wireing harness , and what do I have to do to be :welcome: able to use the new starter ?

fat40 12-08-2005 01:57 PM

The wire just bypasses the resistor for an old style points type ign. This gives a full 12 volts while cranking. Not needed on newer (HEI, etc) ign systems.

docvette 12-08-2005 05:26 PM

Doc here, :pimp:

The new style solenoid will not have a "R" or "I" terminal on it.This is the secondary ignition terminal.

If you have an uninterrupted source of power to the HEI, (12 volts that does not drop out when you switch the Ignition to "Start") This wire is not used.

If you have a ballast resistor, and an HEI , (and it actually runs) Get rid of the resistor, it will run 100% better.It is not used for HEI...and if hooking up for the first time in the new body, It may not run at all.

fat40 12-09-2005 09:17 AM

Thanks for the imformation , I am running a mallory unilite distributor now with a ballast resistor before I install the new motor and new starter so you say I can do away with the resistor ?


docvette 12-09-2005 06:03 PM

Doc here, :pimp:

If your new engine is running an HEI type Ignition, you do not need the ballast resistor.

If you are running an aftermarket ignition, refer to your installation diagram, Some require them and some do not.

To use one where it is not needed, will cause no damage, but make it run poorly, or not at all...

To NOT use one where required WILL cause coil damage, and componet damage, in addition to poor performance after a short period of replacement time.

Doc :pimp:

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