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Originally Posted by inkfreak1976
ok you guys are right it is 2;1 i posted it wrong, i checked my paint mixing cup and i did mix it orrectly because i always mark with a sharpie marker. i called my jobber and they had the ppg tech contact me, well they tryed to blame everything on me of coarse because im not a body shop, and basicly the jobber told me the the wrong percentage of reducer. its from 10- 50 percent depending on tip size. with running a 1.4 tip it should of been a 50% ruducer. basicly what i had to do is wet sand with 600 they recomend a 2nd coat of epoxy but i still have my doubts of the product. so after the wet sanding i washed and rinsed well dryed , now im leaveing it to cure for another day. and off to base and clear. but i do think that its pretty bad to have a company try and save face more than takeing the blame for in accurate tech sheets. and i also had a good freind thats been in the auto body feild for 20 years say that it coulda been the catalist but theres no real way to say. so i hope that this might help some one in the future with this same problem. thanks for the replies and the help
Omni epoxy requires another coat if out of a 3 day window, so if 3 days have passed, you MUST apply another coat. Stuff sands lovely doesn't it? Nice and gummy on the sandpaper. Use SPI epoxy next time, you will see the OMNI sucks in comparison.
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