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Ron M 08-04-2004 11:25 PM

Omni Verse Delstar
I have been reading that PPG Omni is a lower level of quality paint, and that it may not hold up as long as some of the other PPG BC/CC paints. What is the difference between Delstar or their single stage urethane and Omni paints as far as durability. I have sprayed Delstar in the past with excellent results. I cannot accurately comment on Delstars longevity since the only thing I have sprayed with it sits in a semi dark garage, has not seen rain or much use for that natter, but seven years later it still looks great.
I have been thinking of using PPGs MP170 primer with Ddelstar on my next project. Any opinions or ideas much appreciated.

MARTINSR 08-04-2004 11:31 PM

I'm sorry, I deleted my original post because I had misread and thought you were talking about Delta, not Delstar. I have no thing to add on the Delstar vs OMNI.:drunk:

BarryK 08-05-2004 04:46 AM

The Delstar is just way more advanced than the Omni.
Its a different ball game chemically as the prices would suggest.

Your question about durability, yes the Delstar is going to be better BUT Basecoat/ clear is going to be better yet. (even the omni)

Are you doing this because your on a budget? Tell me what you want to accomplish here and I can tell you what omni vs ppp items to use.

Ron M 08-06-2004 12:13 AM

First off, I would like to say thanks for the help Barry. I do not claim to be a bodyman, but I enjoy it and here is where I am at and what I want to do. Over the last fifteen years, I have painted my current car, a truck, a couple of boats that I have (laminated) built, cycles, snowmobiles and other things I am sure I have forgotten about. I have used Dupont lacquers, centari enamels, delstar, dbu deltron and S2 urethane. I have rubbed out many of the finishes as well as other cars, so I feel one of my strengths is color sanding and polishing. (I have professionally polished metals for years) Where this all comes into play is, my living situation (residential area ) does not allow me to paint in a garage. No such building, but somewhat in the suburbs. I do store this car about 20 miles away in a very dry and low lit building with a concrete floor, but I am unable to paint there. So throughout the years, I have always picked the best day and painted outside, nuts I know, but it has worked out pretty well.
The most recent job I did with PPG was pop red Delstar outside on a perfect fall day. I gave it a light color sand and buff with 3M 1200 & 1500 grit scratch remover (cannot remember exact name, black bottle) after painting. It has stood up and looks great. It was just the delstar with a hardener and reducer I believe. It had a couple minor imperfections (dust) but cleaned up very nicely. The reason I try and avoid clear is that my thinking and experience is that when spraying outside, the quicker you can build coats and atleast flash, the less chance for junk and rework. The problems I have had with clear is that I get the basecoat about right, but by the time I shoot the clear, I tend to find more junk and from time to time, more rework and then botched areas. I liked the speed of lacquer, but not in love with the orange peel and shrinking issues. Keeping the price down would be nice if at all possible, (say like under $600.00 for system) but atleast mid range quality is the key item. I think the delstar was on the slow side for dust free, but it was a decent quality paint and rubbed out pretty well. I have had good luck spraying DBU, but that takes a clear and the base alone was about 25% more when I checked last. I seen Delstar for about $260.00 a gallon for the color I wanted. I am thinking a gallon of epoxy primer, high build primer and basecoat should be enough. I need to paint the jambs, trunk and inside of hood.
The car is a 49 chevy with a mildly rebuilt small block, stang ifs, turbo 350, tilt column etc. Not a show car, just a clean driver is what I am looking for. I have done 100% of the work myself, and I would like to keep going that way. I get a sense of pride out of telling folx I did it all myself, by the way, I mean all by MYSELF literally. So without a helper is also a consideration here. I am open to any system or method that would fit the bill, just looking for help on this one.
One last item on this long winded post. I have been hearing about the new DP not having the holding power it used to, so any recommendations on base primer/sealer would be appreciated. I have started to strip the old finish at this time, and I was planning on going to an epoxy, high build primer, block sand and shoot. Once again, thanx for the help.

BarryK 08-06-2004 05:02 AM

I understand what your up against, Painted my first car outside Tuesday in Alabama, not by choice we started at 6:00am and really I was shocked how clean it turned out.
Your right a single stage would have been a better choice.

I would forget the $260 a gallon Delstar and call or email Larry at the web site below.
He has a paint company that makes specialized paint for aviation, boats and trucks. They have a Polyurethane the red is under a $100 a gallon and is some good looking stuff.
Larry deals with your problems everyday with the boat manufacturers as they are to big to pull inside a booth so he will know the best set up for you.
He has other paint lines and may recommend another line for what your doing, I don't know.
I'm thinking he could get you epoxy, primer and paint for $200-225 when done.

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