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67stang 02-01-2003 02:42 PM

One wheel wonder recommendations
I currently have a stock 302 2bbl, C-4, with an
open(?) rearend. Could I get some info on what is
the difference between limited slip,
positraction, traclock, spool etc. And some recommendation on a good gear ratio and the right route to go for power to both wheels. I plan on rebuilding my suspension first. Rebuild and shift kit on the C-4. and getting the 302
to 350-400 horses. Car will be a weekend driver,
no track action cept maybe just to see what it will do when completed. thanks..

mustang66maniac 02-01-2003 02:55 PM

limited slip, positraction and trac lock are basically all the same thing. They are units that go in the differential and keep both the tires turning the same speed but slip around corners. All of these contain frition plates and steel plates and springs that hold them together. Pretty much like how an automatic transmission is put together. Posi is chevys name for their unit, traction lok is fords name for their unit, they can be rebuilt. I think limited slip is just the generic term.

A spool is pretty much like a solid peice of metal holding the ring gear and the axles together. You can make a home-made spool by simply welding the spider gears together. These are not streetable though and will chirp around every corner big or small. Good for racing.

Then there is a detroit locker, which is also good for racing but clicks and chatters around corners. There is an Auburn locker but i dont know much about them except they are rebuildable. There are air lockers also, which work as an open diff. all the time but when you flip a switch, it locks up like a spool. They also have lockers that work the same way only with elecricity. The best kind of differential....thingy would be the torsen torque sensing differential. They put these on the cobra R, BMWs have them and many other of the most prestigious cars world wide. They litterally sense which wheel has the most traction and gives more power that wheel.

Deuce 02-01-2003 04:14 PM


IF your car came with a 302 in a 67 Mustang.......chances are very good that you have a 8 inch series rear end. Anthing other than 1 leggers are fairly rare.

You will most likely be forced to go to the aftermarket to get a both rear wheel pull center section/and or performance gear ratios.


67stang 02-01-2003 05:08 PM

Thanks for the explanation on the rearends..
The car originally had a 289 and was changed to
a 302 in 74-75. Yes it is an 8". Can I change it
over to a track lock? does that just involve changes in the diff. or it the complete rearend?

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dmorris1200 02-01-2003 05:30 PM

I know Kultulz has info on upgrades for 8-inch rears. If you PM him he will help. I opted to go with a 9-inch, instead of building my stock 8-inch. I found a 9-inch donor at the bone yard from an old MachI for $80.00. Bought a set of 3.70 Precision gears for $179.95 and a Traction Lok dif. for $369.95. Through in some bearings, seals, etc. and I had a fresh 9-inch for about $800.00 complete. I also had to have a driveshaft made. Not exactly pocket change but I don't think I'll ever have to worry about my rear again. I got my parts from <a href="" target="_blank"></a> . I don't know if they have much for 8-inch rears but they have an 800 number that you could call.

onebadmerc 02-01-2003 06:00 PM

Ford did make some 8 inch locker rearends, try looking for them in 1975-78 Mustang 2's with the 302 V8's. The 8 inch rearend is pretty tough but not as tough as a 9 so unless you have over 300 rear wheel HP I wouldn't go through the hassle of changing to a 9. BTW the 70's carriers are stronger than any of the 60's 8 inch carriers. If you cannot find a Ford Locker, there is alway Auburn, Power Trax and Currie that makes lockers for the 8 inch rearend. :)

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