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duallybuster 04-28-2008 10:30 AM

Opening a Body Shop
I was thinking of maybe getting together with some of the other bodyshop owners on this forum and having us share with the new up and coming shop owners or those who want to open there own shops. IE like lessons learned, what works, and what sure doesn't work. Everyone is encouraged to share there lessons learned.

here is a couple of mine.

Having SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) will make your shop be procedure dependent and not person dependent. Example: a shop who relies on his painter in stead of procedures is just asking for trouble. If that painter that he relies on so heavly just ends up quiting then the shop is at a stop. Now if that same shop was procedure dependent, then those new applicants you could call in, hand them a SOP and grade them.

Learn to schedule. I worked at a shop who couldn't schedule to save it's life. I was always getting the this car has to be delievered tomarrow and it hasn't even been started, but has been sitting in the back for 3wks. Schedule and keep to it.

Having your paint booth make you money when it's not even being used. At the end of the day when your about to close down and you have a small job needed to be painted, go ahead and let that painter paint it. Let it cure overnight without the heat. This way your booth is making you money and it's not using it.

Order and receive all your parts before you even begin to work on the next project.

Get toats or storage boxes with lids, put your parts in them instead of the car. I've got a storage rack with 3 toats per stall. I've also have got bags labled Right Door , Left door, ect.

Anyone else want to jump in because I could go all day.

sprecher48 04-28-2008 01:50 PM

re;opening a body shop
Where are you in fl? Be careful,don't make too much sense or the pc cops will come sniffing. :spank: Tom

duallybuster 05-01-2008 01:54 PM

lake city florida

sprecher48 05-01-2008 02:06 PM

re;opening a body shop.
Wow,you're way up there aren't you? Send me your business name and I'll try to steer friends in the area. If you ever get way south PM me and we'll meet. :thumbup: Tom I'm in the west palm beach area. Jes' remember, from down here dang near anyone else is a yankee! kiddin,kiddin. :D :D tom agin

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