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If your mechanically smart, you will make an excellent mechanic. If you are business smart, you will make a great business manager. If you are both, then you would make a great business owner/operator. A true entrepeneur is skilled at his/her trade and has the business smarts to keep the doors open.

One thing that kills alot of businesses is owners that think people will just walk in their door and need work done. You must find your customers. Market your business to your potential customers. Make your business name be heard and seen. Someone might hear or read about your business today, but not need your services for years. Keep your name out there. My current monthly advertising budget is triple the amount of my monthly rent. Spend the money to have people recognize your business name. To be a business owner and operator, you have to be willing to spend money to make money. I have been in business for 5 years and have dumped damn near every penny that I possibly can back into my business. Budget your personal needs, save a little, and put the rest back into the business. It will pay off eventually. One of the hardest (mentally) things I did with my business was hire full time employees. You are now not only supporting yourself and your family, but the families of other people. Owning a business can and will be very stressful.

A word of advice, start out small. You don't need the best and the biggest of everything when you start. Avoid all loans and financing that you can. Rent yourself a decent low priced building. Don't get crazy and finance a bunch of tools and equipment, just get the bare minumum to start with. I did not start out with a small business loan. The only things I ever financed were my personal vehicles, one including a cargo van i just bought. A business can be started without going deep into debt.

Education. You may know your trade upside down and backwards, but you might need to learn business skills. When I knew I wanted to go into business for myself, I knew that I could perform my trade (upholstery) without a problem. But I knew I needed to learn alot in college. I majored in business marketing, and had a minor in business management. There is ALOT that you will learn that you would never even think you would need to know to run a business. Marketing, management, organization, statistics, accounting, economics, etc, etc. Your on the right track with the technical school, but there is more to learn than just the trade.

Thanks mom, for keeping my *** in school.
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