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eatonde 02-23-2009 05:18 PM

Oppinions EQ lightening heads and EQ vortec heads
Hey guys I was just wantin to see what your oppinions are on the EQ line of heads, I was looking at a set of them on ebay.... Seems like a great price but I just don't know about the quality. I'm looking for something around the 200-220cc runner.
I looked at the flow #'s on Shaver's site, and they are pretty impressive but how is the rest of the head ??? As we know flow isn't everything.. How are the port designs, and velocity, atomization and the chamber/burn characteristics?? Anyone running these??

I know that appearently no one is a fan of the PC heads, But from what I hear thier revised line has come a long way from the old version... I talked to a tech from Skip White's shop, and the dyno sheets they sent me were pretty impressive... 507 HP with the PC 210/64cc on a 406 sbc with the same CR and similar cam as mine was quite persuasive, and 537 HP on the CNC 220/70cc on the same motor on premium pump gas both were under 6000 r's!!!!

I still am not completely convinced so I'm keepin my options open and the EQ's look appealing too for the $$$$.. I need heads for my 355 and my 406, both have lunati cams the 355 has the bracket master II 300/300, and the 406 has the 60105 voodoo cam... Both are about the same operating range.

I have a 425 horse zz4 short block too that came with the cam in it from GM performance that I'm gonna start soon, so engine specs are kind of irrelevent. I'm just looking for an overall run down of thier (EQ's) products.... Mainly the 200/64, 220/64, and the vortecs.... Any advice but preferrably expierience you guys could share would be appreciated...... Thanks

1BAD80 02-23-2009 05:25 PM

Some GM heads would be better,

eatonde 02-23-2009 05:36 PM

220 or 200 EQ
I am running a 3500 full competition stall, TH400 ford 9" 456 trac lock rear 3750 curb weight = ~4000 with me in it. ..... But with this many motors and this many cars that is subject to change. I've got a fox body stang that I'm thinkin of puttin a SBC in and makin it a straight drag car.

eatonde 02-23-2009 05:57 PM

What GM heads are u talkin about??? and for which motor

ericnova72 02-23-2009 06:47 PM

The EQ heads are the formerly known ProTopline Lightning heads. They are now sold by Racing Head Service (RHS, Comp Cams) also, the EQ's are sold unported and the RHS heads are CNC ported. The EQ's are a very good piece, pretty much an eqaul to the Dart castings. Hard to go wrong for the price.

GenYnNC 02-23-2009 09:58 PM

From the flow numbers I've read on Stan Weiss' page (google stan weiss cylinder head flow for ANY SBC or other make flow figures at various valve lifts) the EQ heads suffer from a poor exhaust port. I/E ratios are in the 60% range at .300" lift and above- pretty poor in my opinion for an aftermarket head. I am REALLY interested in the RHS Torquer (their vortec casting w/ 2.02 valves) but their testing on a 4.2" bore is really and I mean really suspect. I would be very interested to see a 4.030 bore and the corresponding flow numbers. NOT that flow numbers mean everything but they are there for a reason. With out these numbers and the EQ's lackluster exhaust port, I would lean more to the Vortec Bowtie 180's or regular vortecs. But I have nothing against the Pro-Comps, as long as the machine work is tollerable and you don't have to dish out more $$$ for correcting flaws- great price, I know that but as we all know in this hobby/buisness/profession- you get what you pay for.

Eric, I could be wrong, but I thought EQ was a totally different company than RHS or even former Pro-Topline? Because Pro-Topline was an Aussie company which Comp Parts Group bought out.

eatonde 02-23-2009 10:26 PM

Well either way
Either way I'm looking at under 700 shipped, pc's or eq's...

Are you guys familiar with shaver's performance?? I'm tryin to figure out why his co. raves about how good the EQ heads are but he doesn't offer any of his crate engines with the EQ's on them??? Go figure.

I'd like to find somone thats running the eq's and see how much power they're makin. I too have heard about the mediocre exhaust flow, but my cam and rockers should compensate for that.... If not I'll break out the grinder!!

But White's performance is making 418HP with the PC heads A 5800 rpms with a stock 350, 9.5:1 cr, and a crane Hyd FT cam that is much smaller then the voodoo I have in my 406 and smaller then the bracket master in my 355.... I think either of my engines would surpass that # @ 10.5:1 CR and a more aggressive cam..... The 418 is on thier stage 1 crate engines.... The sheets and videos running mid 11's and driving to and from the track were quite convincing.

I can't run vortec on my 355 because of the domes that are in it.... I could on my 406, but I like the sound of 500+ HP compared to MABEY the 435 you could get from vortecs....

GenYnNC 02-23-2009 10:51 PM

In short I would probably be more trustworthy of EQ's machine work than Pro-Comps. But if the Pro-Comps indeed make more power then that's the trade off that you'll have to decide - Less reputable manufacturing process vs. less power. And in no way shape or fashion am I saying the EQs will make less power, all depends on the combo and I have no experience with either one, just to be clear. Eitherway, I'm sure you'll be thrilled. $700 bones fully assembled & shipped? If so, let me know how to get in contact with this outfit... that's the best gig I've heard going yet.

eatonde 02-23-2009 11:44 PM

EQ heads
Her's for the EQ's
$270+25 shipping per head but I gotta buy the screw in studs and guide plates, ~ $another 100 bucks or so....

I am waitin on the guy to get back with me because I need some w/ the 72cc chamber for my 355 cuz of the domes..... I don't wanna hafta run jet fuel...LOL... 64cc would put me close to 12:1.... TOOOOOO high for premium. 72cc puts her @ about 10.2:1 static

ericnova72 02-24-2009 12:37 AM

Don't know where you are buying your studs and guideplates, but ARP studs(the only brand I buy) and any guideplates comes to $52.00 or so from Summit(for example). We got our heads from Shaver's in California while they were still ProTopline but have since been told that the EQ iron heads are the same casting (the earliest EQ ads even said so), and you can't get aluminum from EQ, only from RHS.
A quick clean-up with a cartridge roll to remove the lip left by machining that is under the exhaust seat and some slimming of the exhaust guide boss brought the exhaust numbers up quite a bit. There is no such thing as a ready-to-run aftermarket part!! (unless you pay$$$$) The sooner everybody learns that the better.
We are using the 235 Runner 2.08 intake valve 64cc chamber on an 11.25-1 383 w/solid roller, etc. Runs mid tens easily at 3500 lbs on drag radials. We are happy with them, and would buy another set without a second thought.

eatonde 02-24-2009 10:05 AM

I really appreciate the info man, I have one final question.... Is there ANY advantage or dis-advantage to running a certain plug style.

I will be running either hooker shorties from a camaro or I have 2 sets of Headman 1 7/8 full lenght headers. The headman's give me a LOT MORE plug room, but I'm not sure yet if they'll fit in my car. AND IF they do fit, I'll still hafta vbuy a special crossmember for them to work, which is anouther 300$$$$.

Any recomendations on what plug style to buy or which header to use??

ericnova72 02-24-2009 04:02 PM

On modern performance heads there is no real advantage to running angle plugs except if you are running alcohol. The volume of alcohol tends to wash straight into the plug on straight plug heads. On gas, buy what will clear your headers. Powerwise, you will never be able to feel a difference.

GenYnNC 02-24-2009 06:40 PM

Eric's right although there's many on this board that will tell you otherwise :rolleyes:

eatonde 02-24-2009 06:43 PM

thanks man

ericnova72 02-24-2009 06:52 PM

Some of the old myths die pretty hard-- angle plug, "fuelie"= best ever, adjusting solid cams every other day, race gas in 9-1 compression motor makes awesome power, factory 327 spins to 8500rpm, and the list goes on. :rolleyes:

Maybe I should start a myths thread :D

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