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derikjohnson 08-02-2004 02:41 PM

orange peel???
my buddy painted his car with a one stage paint, i heard of ways of wetsanding then using a compound wax, also heard that it could make the paint dull, any info on grit , wax, etc etc tips on precedure, etc etc would be a great help.. thanks

BarryK 08-02-2004 03:39 PM

For someone to help you they are going to need to know if metallic or solid color. Also what could make a difference is brand and if hardener used? Start buffing an acrylic enamel with no activator and it will be repaint time unless it has set for 3-6 months. and if it is that old the UV's have already started floating and you should not buff except as last resort.

derikjohnson 08-02-2004 03:50 PM

it's a solid colour, was painted 3/4 of a year ago has sat in garage pretty much the whole time , only been washed a couple times never been waxed he wants to know if he should just wax it or if there a way to wetsand it and keep the shine.. thanx

BarryK 08-02-2004 06:25 PM

Being a single stage paint after this amount of time it should not be wet sanded or you will shorten the life of the paint.

Best bet would be a polish job and there are more qualified people on here to tell you what to use for your buff job.

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