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I did as you suggested and the test panel looks perfect except for some dust that got in it. I hope it will still look good after 24 hours. Thanks for your help.
Also, you are right, the JGA is spitting and I will tighten the packing nut and see what happens.

Usually if the JGA is spitting it means the fluid tip is loose or the worst has happened and the body of the gun has cracked where the fluid tip threads into it. I've seen this happen on a few years ago, usually the crack isn't very noticable but whet the fluid tip is screwed in and tightened down the crack will spread open.

Since I think your a professional painter?? I thought you might be interested in the following with regards to the 1.3 tip.

Careful with clears and that 1.3. The semi hyper clears and hyper clear such as 3000-ppg, 4700 & HC7600 DuPont. 4400? I think in Basf, the 1.3 can cause problems. The 1.3 will work majority of time but on a real humid day with warmer temperature you can experience solvent pop and very hard buffing the next day. This will also show up if you wet your booth down on a warm day.
What is happening is the 1.3 is over atomizing the clear and the tin in the clear is putting to much water in the isocyanate causing the clear to kick way to fast.

Barry, thanks for the info. I haven't had any problems shooting any clears with a 1.3 but I'll keep this in mind. I don't use much hyper type clear, mostly Global D893 and D894 now. The last few gallons of hyper clear that went through my shop were a donation from PPG that were not labelled (test status)- fast stuff! The work I do doesn't warrant the need to have a really fast clear on hand, mostly restorations. PERFORMANCE AUTO BODY Bob
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