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There are many ways to get a job done. As a young apprentice I was taught this method by an old timer. I've been using it ever since (over 25 yrs).I've always worked in shops that restored all kinds of autos and built drag cars,(Even met "Big Daddy" a couple times) ..
The man that taught me this ,worked at restoring rare, high dollar, cars for museums for years.
Sometimes sandblasting is NOT an option,mostly because of the mess ,the abrasives get everywhere ,in every nook and canny in the shop even with a booth its still gets spread around the shop.
Most body shops I've ever worked at don't do blasting at the shop and send that work out....That's what I would suggest doing if anyone has there heart set on media blasting,unfortunately, its expensive and requires a pro to properly strip a car and there's no guarantee it'll still be straight.(I prefer chemical stripping)
Then, when you get your car home you need to protect the bare metal right away with epoxy primer. Unfortunately,it takes time to properly prepare a car for primer.two to three times longer for a DIY... I
t doesn't matter what method you use to strip your car, Ospho will protect bare metal from surface rust for many, many months, I always apply the Ospho IMMEDIATELY after exposing the metal.Its been suggested and agreed upon that getting the epoxy on immediately is the proper way to go and no one should trust a sandblaster to prime their car properly, its a completely different trade.
So, this is how I start a resto,chemical strip and Ospho,its another option to letting your car get all rusty or after paying a small fortune getting it blasted,Letting it sit and rust is going backwards.
Any body can apply Ospho to a complete car in LESS than an hour,(longer if if it has rust) and you'll be in no rush to prime for months.
Even if it has no rust at all, it can still be used.This is the main advantage of using Ospho but there are a few more.As far as I can tell, nobody questions it's ability to remove rust or etch metal,the problems start with getting primer to stick to it, that's never been a problem for me ,so I decided to show how I do it and how easy it is to apply and then do a few adhesion tests to show, when properly done its not an issue.BUT...if anyone is a little leary ,you can always sand it off one panel at a time and work that panel ,prime and move on to the next. Always epoxy prime before doing any body work ,Bondo will not stick to Ospho....Also,if anyone has used Ospho and had problems this would be the place to ask about it and find out why.Its one of my favorite products and should work well for anybody.
This is simply my attempt to end all the misconceptions caused by misuse of a good product,by someone that uses it..... I'd do the same with ANY of my favorite products,if the use of them were to be disputed......One of the popular questions in the forums is ("My car has been blasted and its rusting,What can I do") ....
I'd like to add that in most cases, everyones opinion is welcome but in this case all the opinions have only added to the confusion so this is my attempt to back up my opinion with facts and end the confusion....any advice on how to better accomplish this would be welcome and recieved in the sprit it was intended........Thank You.........
.Mike O.

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