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Mutt's37Buick 04-09-2012 10:47 AM

Outer dimensions of LT1?
I'm looking for a 3d CAD (computer aided drawing) model of a LT1 engine and auto transmision. Alternatively, I could develop a model.
Does anyone have a model thwy would share?
Does anyone have the outer dimensions of a LT1 engine?
Are the dimensions the same dimensions as earlier GM 350 or the later LS1?

DoubleVision 04-09-2012 01:07 PM

The block is identical to the generation 1 350. When you study the LT1 it's obvious, it was directly designed after the Generation 1. except that it's reverse flow cooled so it's got additional coolant ports, the coolant passages on the deck aren't the same as a generation 1 and the water pump on the LT1 is driven off the cam gear. The camshafts between the LT1 and the Generation 1 interchange, the bore and stroke is the same as well. So yeah if you can find one of a generation 1 you should be in the ball park.

Mutt's37Buick 04-09-2012 02:36 PM

Several hotrod sites have confirmed that the LT1 & gen 1 350 will be the same dimensions.
Does anyone have a model or sketch of one?
Just need overall dims, ideally with the location of motor mounts.

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