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an outside set of eyes would help!!

hey guys. i'm brand new here, but i plan on sticking around for a while, but anyways....i don't know if there is already a thread on this or not, but i need an answer as soon as possible.

i have 66 caprice 4-door hardtop. i decided to be "mr. electrician" and go ahead and try to wire in a push button start system with 2 switches and the button. i have everything wired up and mounted and the car starts and runs fine. i'm getting just over 12v on the voltmeter at idle with no lights or anything on, but my generator light stays on after i start it. there is one green wire that i have no clue as to where to put it. on the old switch, it was connected to the "ground terminal" now, when i flip the switches, the hot light comes on when i ground this wire. when it hangs loose, nothing. in both cases, the generator light stays on. i looked at a few older GM wiring diagrams(not caprice/impala specific), and this 5th wire runs from the switch to the temp. sens. on the intake manifold. makes sense, but why on the ignition switch. also, when i pull the accessory wires away from power, the generator light gets real bright, but as long as the accessory side stays hooked up to power, it only glows.

i don't have a generator in there. it's an externally regulated alt. i don't know crap about electronics, and i don't know if that light is for real, or how to check to see that the alt is charging the battery. but i do know that this generator light was not on when i disconnected the battery to do this mod. i do know that on the multimeter, i was getting 12.5 at the battery and the terminals on the alternator at idle. i also know that the engine dies when i disconnect the battery. i just don't want to assume it's okay, and go try to drive somewhere and get stuck!

i know this is a lot of crap and if anyone feels adventurous enough to help me out, it would be immensely appreciated.

thanks in advanced
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