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k2mooch 01-24-2004 11:11 PM

Overfill Damage
I put about 2 quarts in the converter, and installed my rebuilt C5 today. I started off with about 6 quarts in the tranny, then tried toshift into all gears without trying to drive anywhere. I could feel engagement and added one more quart.

This time It engaged and drove about 14 feet up the driveway. It felt like it wasn't grabbing enough, so I put in about 1/2 more quarts and it overflowed out the valve on top of the trans. Since then I vacuumed out enough fluid to get the right level on my dipstick. Did I do any damage to the trans by overfilling it?

It won't engage now.


adtkart 01-25-2004 06:22 AM

I wouldn't think that would have damaged the trans. The problem that occurs from overfilling a trans is that the fluid becomes aerated from the spinning parts. The same effect you get from overfilling an engine's oil. This reduces the pressures in the system because of air. It also reduces the lubrication. It sounds like you may have another problem.

Crosley 01-25-2004 08:20 AM

Do you have a matching dipstick and tube?

You don't mention the fluid level on the dipstick as you filled & checked the fluid level.

k2mooch 01-26-2004 09:09 PM

Yes I do have the correct dipstick. I was checking the level while it was running in park when I only had the first 6 quarts in it. It still read low so I put a bit more in. I wasn't sure how much to put in to make the level go up on the dipstick, so I guess I should have went a little bit at a time.

I let it sit a full day now hoping to let the fluid return to its normal state. If I did aerate it, is there any chance that I damaged the pump? That's my biggest worry right now.

It's about 30 degrees out tomorrow, so if I do try it out, I'll have to stuff something in my headers when I'm done. I read up on bent valves due to cold weather with open headers. Hope I didn't damage anything. Thanks fellas.


adtkart 01-27-2004 06:39 PM

I wouldn't think in that amount of time you would have damaged the pump. Since I am not that familiar with that trans, maybe Crosley or Airworld can answer that better.

k2mooch 01-30-2004 09:38 AM

My dipstick part number is E2DP-7A020-AA I'm pretty sure that's the right one for a C5. It's total legnth from tip to stopper is 22 inches. Its 2 inches from the tip to the first fill ine and the distance between fill lines is close to 3/4in.

I may have the incorrect filler tube though, trying to order a new set to verify the correct length.

After I let it set the last time I overfilled it, I siphoned out close to a quarts worth and it started engaging again. It did slip a little when I tried moving it in gear, but at least it's engaging. Dipstick still says I don't have enough fluid in though, so I'm sure something is wrong there.

Does anyone happen to know the lenght or part # for the filler tube I need so I can verify what I have is the wrong one? Thanks.


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