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Originally Posted by MARTINSR View Post
I don't need to hear any more, I wouldn't leave my car with that POS if the f-ing work was being done for free!

Sorry, but there is NO WAY I would give that jerk any of my money! And I have to tell you, in my personal experience the rude POS with the big ego usually ISN'T as good as you think and he is a legend in his own mind!

I am sorry, he is a pathetic excuse for a businessman and I would pull the car out of there and go somewhere else. You don't want a confrontation so I would talk like HE should be talking. That would be taking full responsibility for the situation. "I'm sorry, I don't want to get in your way so I am going to take my car". That sort of talk, you don't have to run in there all smoking and ticked off telling him GIVE ME MY CAR. Just go in there with a good attitude and tell him you don't want to "take advantage" of him.

So how about doing it yourself? You can rent the cherry picker, you can buy an engine stand for not a whole lot, or maybe rent it too. You can learn this stuff, it isn't that big of a deal with you have a forum like this to get advice on how to do it. I just installed the convertible top on my car never dreaming in a million years I could do such a thing, all with the help of this forum.

I pulled the motor in and out of two of my cars for the first time recently because my mechanic (my brother) moved out of the area a few years ago. I got a little last minute help with stuff and it all worked out fine. The machine shop can assemble the motor probably so you don't need to do that, think about doing it yourself. Yep, I'm sorry but there is NO WAY I would get that jerk any of my hard earned money.

Originally Posted by ogre View Post
you need to ''man up'' and realize this guy will only take your money and suck you dry.
pull your car out of there and learn to do it yourself, we all started someplace.
you will lose any money paid, he will hold you hostage over the motor work, but he hasn't paid the machine shop anything yet.
talk to the machine shop and see if he will work with you and if he can do most of the rebuild
having a shop restore a car can be a money pit, most of us here diy, that's why sites like exist.
Originally Posted by MARTINSR View Post
Anyone who changes prices a bunch, THAT is a huge red flag. A "Pro" can look at a car and KNOW what's coming to some extent. If I can't look at a car sitting there for restoration and give you a darn good idea of what I will come across while restoring it, I must not have done one in the past right? There are patterns you see when working on cars, very rarely are you caught off guard, unless you are 1. Lying to get the car in the door, or 2. Ignorant to what you will find because you have never been there before.

Originally Posted by 1971BB427 View Post
I wouldn't give that SOB one more dollar of my money! Anyone who talks that way, and then doesn't apologise when he's caught is a jerk! He didn't know you were there, and to call you at home and further insult your intelligience by reaffirming he did know is more baloney!
Get the car towed out, and take it home, then get some tools and start learning. Go to a few car places and get some reccommendations for people who can help you without giving attitude and disrespect.
Sounds like a good reason to start learning how to repair your own car. At the least you wont have the repairman calling you or your car names!

Thank you all for your advice and your support. It can be intimidating doing this on my own and it's nice to have support from experienced rodders such as yourselves. Him calling my car a POS was additionally insulting because I'd expressed hesitation at several points about restoring a 4-door and he was always supportive - telling me that it's only worth what people are willing to pay, but if it has sentimental value and I'm keeping it, then to do it for me. To hear him say that tells me what he really thinks. Then telling me to "man up" and that I "threw a baby fit" - I find it rather ironic since he didn't want to own what he said and never tried to resolve it on the spot, but instead turned around and started tinkering with the Mustang. He said he knew I was ticked when I told him "You didn't even know I was there" yet he never tried to resolve it. He was really tough on the phone, but he's lucky I walked away, b/c I would've laid into him, which in retrospect I should've done. Was just trying to keep cool and not make any hasty decisions. I guess if that makes me less of a man, then so-be-it. This is all too bad because at least the mechanic working on it was decent. The machine shop is seperate so I've been paying them directly. One of my pals says that it's normal for garages to put restorations off on the backburner to other customers' regular drivers and that I'm over-reacting to him constantly re-scheduling b/c things 'come up.'

I think MartinSr is right - that I should approach him with a good attitude and just tell him I'm going to get it out of his way. I have to find another garage to bring it to and I don't have any storage to put it yet. I don't want to give him any more of my money, especially a disrespectful ego-maniac like that who says they can "take this job or leave it" and obviously doesn't respect me or my time. I have an 8am appointment in the morning for them to pull out the gas tank and the power brake booster/master cylinder which should probably take an hour or two. Do I have them do that and pay them a few bucks so I can send the parts out for rebuild then have it towed or just call it all off and tow it right away? Thank you all for your wisdom. I can hopefully learn how to do this on my own if I get the space and someone willing to walk me through it.
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