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Ghetto Jet 05-12-2004 04:03 PM

-Paint Ball-
My little brother(15) just bought all this paint ball stuff. Tippman Pro/Carbine gun, all the safety gear. We were just outside shooting it, I am amazed how fast and hard the balls hit. I told him that he better by a cup to wear if he was going to play. He told me he doesn't need one, and his friends never use them.

Am I wrong guys? I don't know what the saftey rules are, but I would really hate for him to find out the hard way that he should be wearing a cup.


k2mooch 05-12-2004 04:10 PM

You're right. You can't be any righter. Shoot him where it counts and I'm sure he'll agree. :thumbup:

Paintball is FUUUUUN.


screamin340 05-12-2004 06:08 PM

What a blast that is ....First time he gets hit in the junk running..and he will..He'll get the hint.
We do a bunch of OPFOR missions with our Flight crews They used to give us M-16's with blanks and we would shoot ... but the Crews would say No ya missed me...then run off and they would all pass there EVAL..So we decided to bring in our paint ball guns one night..only a few have passed since then... Mooch hit it on the head....its a blast..

Meka 05-12-2004 06:34 PM

I dont paint ball but alot of my friends do. They just wear a mask I think. Some of them may wear gloves to. Well anyways one of my friends got a spyder electra dx. Its got a electric trigger with semi auto,3 burst shot, 6 burst shot and fully automatic. With the velocity up quite a bit on the gun it can break you sking from a pretty good distance and will bust holes in a 5 gallon bucket. Its one bad gun. I dont think i will ever paintball with him.


k2mooch 05-13-2004 09:35 AM

Hey man, you can drive 60mph all day with no seatbelt, play football in the NFL with no pads, drink a gallon of liquor cause your friends say it's cool, have as much unprotected sex as you want, and you can still play paintball without wearing a cup.

But at the end of the day when you call yourself a 'REAL MAN' and grunt like a baboon, you're still an idiot. :thumbup:

That's not really directed at anyone by the way, just an analogy.

By the way, whatever you do, DON'T try to 'hide' in a tree and shoot down at the enemy. You WILL miss. He WILL shoot back. And you WILL hit every branch on the way down.


hot_rod_kid 05-13-2004 10:19 AM

Funny storie here, for me anyway.

A couple years ago there was a little asian kid on my hockey team. he said he never has worn a cup and never will. We all were kinda shocked but one game he got a slapshot to the nads. He crowched over and started chocking and crying. The next practice he was wearing a cup.

Lesson learned, wear a cup. It's for your own good.


48henry 05-13-2004 11:02 AM

dude getting shoot in the nads hurts sooo f**king bad. tell him to were a cup or go find a surgeon.

k2mooch 05-13-2004 01:04 PM

Moral of the story = It's all fun and games till someone gets a shot to the family jewels. :pain:

Haaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaa (in Nelson's voice from Simpsons)


345coupe 05-13-2004 02:40 PM

Paint ball protective gear
Goggles, a cup and a throat guard are a must. We trained at the academy with paint balls of a different nature: 9mm Sig with paint loads. We also trained with 12 guage shotgun paint rounds and uzi's with paint. Those things travel almost the speed of a .45 round. I got tagged once in the shoulder by the uzi and it was bearable. I can't imagine the pain if my throat got hit or I took a direct shot to the goodies!

"Regulation" paint balls are slower, but take the extra caution anyway.

dh79 05-14-2004 01:30 AM

Geez, are you guys freezing your paintballs or what? They don't hurt that bad. Where I go there are 'speed limits' on the ball velocity. I can't remember, 600 fps? As long as you get hit by a legal gun that has be setup fairly, it's not too bad. I just wear goggles. Sometimes I think I should wear gloves though because it does sting to get one in the fingers. I've never been hit in the throat. I normally play on an outside field, so I think it might be more long rang stuff I'm used to. I've never thought about wearing a cup. How often is your crotch exposed anyway? 80% of the time I get hit it's in the head, other 20% is shoulders.
I have a tippman procarbine. It's a good gun. My buddy also has one and he bought a new barrel for it (can't remember which one). With his aftermarket barrel, his range and accuracy is way better than my stock barrel. If I played more I'd definately spend money on a good barrel.
Have fun,

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