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This happens all the time. its a game between the insurance adjusters and shop estimate writers. The bodyman and painter are stuck in the middle.
The insurance companies many times won't pay for the panels to be blended. Under the flat rate estimating system they are supposed to and the painter gets paid for the work required.
But the insurance companies just refuse to pay for these operations.(They will pull it right off a estimate)
If the shop does not play along, they will get the run around from the insurance co. (won't get paid or pay delayed etc).
Future jobs "written off" etc etc.
So they dump it on the painter. He either has to do the prep and bend for free or "cut the panel". (Don't do the blend and hope you won't notice it or won't care)
The only one more powerfull than the insurance companies is YOU! The customer. Stand your ground. Contact your insurance company and insist on seeing the job repair order/invoice and crash estimate.
Look for the paint time and see if the estimate and or job order lists for blend time. Wether it does or not insist that it should. You did not, do not /and will not agree to a two tone paint job. The insurance co will eventually have no choice but to have the car repainted. Wether that means a complete paint job is not your problem. Stand your ground.
If the collision repair shops had more backbone this would not happen. Take notice next time you're out for a drive at how many cars are two toned cause the "panel was cut".
This is one reason why the insurance companies own all the tall buildings. (They control something like 90% of all wealth) They can afford to fix your car properly.

Keep your cool, but stand your ground. Let them both (Ins Co and repair shop) know you will not let it go.

If nessessary get a lawyer to help you.
Can you post a picture that shows the panel mismatch?
I was a automotive painter for many many years. Some days its very challenging to say the least. Some times you jsut have to bite the bullet and paint the whole side.
Some times you have to create your own alternate paint formula by creating test spray out cards and work it till you get a good match. The light coloured metallics with pearl are especially challanging. But it can be done. Yes it takes extra time.
The paint companies that supply to that shop, will help.
They release new alternate formulas all the time.
I used to have quite a library of custom match paint formulas I made up my self over the years for Chryslers ....

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