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mafiacustomz 12-31-2010 07:40 AM

paint help
Im looking to paint my 91 caprice brandywine candy red with a black base ive been told that you wouldnt see the candy it would just look black i think their wrong alot of cars ive seen online are black base wih candy and the candy pops in the sun and black at night which is cool with me. What i want to know is will you see the candy in the day and should i do airbrush work on the base or just dump alot of flake in the candy im looking for pop and eye catching show car.

swvalcon 12-31-2010 07:49 AM

What you talking about is a black base then a coat of pearl then your brandywine candy. This make it look like black or dark marron with no sun on it and pops to a brandywine in sun light.

mafiacustomz 12-31-2010 08:08 AM

i wasnt talking about any pearl i was talking about using a intercoat clear or non color basecoat what is what they told me to use online to mix the candy into ive never heard about pearl befor candy

TucsonJay 12-31-2010 09:38 AM

You can't use just black!

What makes a candy look great is that the light passes through the candy layer... then bounces off of a "reflective" paint layer... like metallic, metal flake, or pearls...and lights up the candy from behind. Without those types of paints, it is dead!

Those jobs you have seen could have been based with something like black Metajules.... but you can't buy it now. Both plants that made it have been shut down.

A regular black paint actually absorbs light, instead of reflecting it. They are absolutely right that your job would look mostly just black!

I just did a very dark candy red job by using a black base... some tinted "Metajules"... then the candy on top. To find enough of the Metajules, it took us about a month to hunt around the country and find enough. It was also expensive to do it that way.

You can't get that flake any more. I would recommend ice pearl, or a dark metallic basecoat... like the gray... as it would look pretty dark when it's not under some light. I shot samples with some of these, and they were nice, but the owner was willing to pay more to use the one he liked.

Buy small amounts of different reflective paints, and shoot some samples to see if you are getting a color you like.

mafiacustomz 12-31-2010 11:08 AM

what about metallic black or a dark metallic gray with candy and flake

Underground 12-31-2010 11:13 AM

Yes metalic black or dark charcoal is great. Just as long as it isn't straight black. As said, you have to have something to reflect through the candy to get the effect.

mafiacustomz 12-31-2010 11:55 AM

whould i mix the flake in the base or in the candy im thinking chrome or burgundy flake

TucsonJay 12-31-2010 12:10 PM

If you mix it in the candy you will lose some of the depth and richness. It will also be less dark when the light is low, because the flakes are closer to the surface, instead of being under the candy.

Of course if you shoot some color samples, you can compare them in low light, and bright light.

mafiacustomz 12-31-2010 12:33 PM

so mix the flake in the black or am i going to have to do a base undercoat flake thin candy

TucsonJay 12-31-2010 01:24 PM

If it were my project, I would do the black base... mix the flake, metallic, or pearl into clear, and add 2-3 even coats... then the candy..... then topcoat.

I would still advise you to do some samples before painting the whole car. That way you can pick the best combination, and be sure you like it before you spend all of the time and money to paint the body.

mafiacustomz 12-31-2010 02:01 PM

their is still alot of time im shaving the handles and suicide the back doors but a spray it is going to come one way or the other just going to have to see if my paint guy has some base colors i can get cheap for spray out

mafiacustomz 12-31-2010 02:11 PM

any one ever used starfire car paint is it any good

swvalcon 01-01-2011 12:57 AM

I still like the look off black base with a real thin coat of pearl under the candy color. If you do the pearl right you end up with a ton of different shades of your color depending on how much light the panels are getting. I had a 72 chev short box for a shop truck years ago that I did this to.Used black base and tangerine candy for color. Depending on how the light hit the different curves of the body it would go from black to different shades of rootbeer brown to bright orange all on the same panel.Had my shop name done on the side with gold milar so that would flop all kinds of different color to.

mafiacustomz 01-01-2011 09:08 AM

ok so let me see if i got this right

base in metallic black
unpigmented base silver metal flake
candy brandywine

is that right or do i mix the flake in the black base

swvalcon 01-01-2011 09:53 AM

I've never tired metallic black as a base so I don't know how that would work.Ive always used just a straight black as my base. The nice think about that is you can see any sand scratches and get rid of them before you put on your pearl coat. If there are any sand scratches or flaws under your base they wont go away with more paint and clear they just show up more so you will have to sand them out of your base and rebase.Then put down your pearl and thinner coats are better than a heavy coat. It has to be even and no stripes or it will look like crapp under the candy.and you cant sand and recoat the pearl coat.Then put down the candy color to where your happy with it.This you can sand but the more color the darker the color will be. It helps keep in mind how may coats of color and how heavy. It makes it easier to spot color if you ever have to but this dosen't spot good anyway.Then do your clear and sand and buff or what ever.If I can get my copier to work and find a picture of my old shop truck I'll post it.

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