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aarias-31 05-18-2012 07:31 AM

Paint Questions
I just sprayed some epoxy primer on my sons truck. It sprayed pretty well but after it dried it seems to be a little rough feeling, you can see the areas where we used body filleralso. Someone said that the filler absorbs the primer and probably needs more coats. We wet sanded it with 400 just a little and now it feels smoothe. I am going to spray 2k on next and wonder if it will do the same thing. Also, after we wet sand the 2k and spray the base coat will we need to sand the base also? What happens if the clear is rough to the touch as well? Any ideas or help? Thanks

TNshadetree 05-18-2012 08:17 AM

It's not unusual for primers to have a rough texture after spraying. Doesn't really matter since you'll be sanding it.

One tip: Most people like to spray the epoxy and then follow up with the primer surfacer in the same session so they don't have to sand between them. Saves some manual labor. So you let the epoxy dry for an hour or so then go ahead and shoot the surfacer. That way they bond chemically.

There is no need to sand the base before clear. You use the same method described above. The base will have a "recoat window", meaning there is a window of time where you can shoot the clear and it will "cross link" or chemically bond to the base.

I advise find an old fender or some panel to practice settings and speed with your gun to make sure you have it shooting as smoothly as possible. If you still end up with texture in the clear coat, you can solve it by "cutting and buffing" the clear. Make sure you shoot 3 coats so you have enough to sand down. Of course on the clear you use very fine sand paper to correct texture like 1500, 2000, 2500 etc. And you will need a good ginder/buffer to be able to buff out the tiny sanding scratches with polish.

aarias-31 05-18-2012 10:42 AM

Paint Questions
Thank you this helps alot clears up some questions. Is it common to be able to see the body filler thru the epoxy primer? It seems like after we sanded the epoxy it appeared that the areas of body filler were harder to see.

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